Keith Urban – The Speed of Now Part 1

CD Review: Keith Urban – The Speed of Now Part 1

By Georgette Diab for Country Music News International Magazine

The Speed of Now Part 1 by Keith Urban was released on September 18, 2020. This album blends Urban’s country roots with pop and rock influences, showcasing his versatility as an artist. Here’s a song-by-song review of the album:

  1. Out the Cage (feat. Breland and Nile Rodgers)
    • Review: This opening track is a high-energy anthem featuring the talents of Breland and Nile Rodgers. With its rapid tempo and infectious rhythm, it sets a lively tone for the album. The mix of country and pop elements, along with Nile Rodgers’ signature funky guitar riffs, makes it an exciting and fresh start.
  2. One Too Many (with P!nk)
    • Review: A duet with pop sensation P!nk, “One Too Many” is a catchy, radio-friendly track about the aftermath of having one too many drinks. The chemistry between Urban and P!nk is evident, and the song’s sing-along chorus makes it a standout on the album.
  3. Live With
    • Review: This track has a rock-leaning sound, driven by electric guitar and Urban’s gritty vocals. The lyrics explore themes of resilience and moving on from past mistakes, delivering a powerful message with an energetic beat.
  4. Superman
    • Review: “Superman” is an upbeat, feel-good song that reminisces about a past relationship. The production is polished, with a blend of acoustic and electronic elements that create a nostalgic yet modern vibe. Urban’s vocal delivery is heartfelt and sincere.
  5. Change Your Mind
    • Review: A mid-tempo ballad, “Change Your Mind” delves into the complexities of a relationship on the brink of falling apart. The emotional depth of the lyrics, combined with Urban’s soulful performance, makes it a poignant and relatable track.
  6. Forever (with Breland)
    • Review: Featuring Breland, this song combines country with hip-hop influences, showcasing Urban’s willingness to experiment with different genres. The collaboration brings a fresh and contemporary sound, making it a fun and dynamic addition to the album.
  7. Say Something
    • Review: This introspective track encourages listeners to speak up and make a difference. Its mellow melody and reflective lyrics create a contemplative mood. The song’s minimalist production allows Urban’s vocals to take center stage, highlighting the song’s message.
  8. Soul Food
    • Review: “Soul Food” is a romantic and soulful song that emphasizes the importance of love and connection. The smooth melody and warm instrumentation give it a laid-back, comforting feel, making it a soothing listen.
  9. Ain’t It Like a Woman
    • Review: This song is a tribute to the strength and resilience of women. With its catchy chorus and upbeat tempo, it’s both celebratory and empowering. Urban’s admiration and respect come through clearly in his performance.
  10. With You
    • Review: A heartfelt love song, “With You” is a tender and intimate track that showcases Urban’s softer side. The acoustic arrangement and earnest lyrics create a sense of closeness and sincerity, making it a touching and romantic highlight.
  11. Tumbleweed
    • Review: The album closes with “Tumbleweed,” a fast-paced, country-rock track that leaves a lasting impression. Its energetic rhythm and lively instrumentation make it a fun and exhilarating end to the album, reinforcing Urban’s prowess as a versatile musician.

Overall Album Review: “The Speed of Now Part 1” is a testament to Keith Urban’s ability to blend various musical styles while staying true to his country roots. The album features a mix of high-energy anthems, heartfelt ballads, and genre-blending collaborations, showcasing Urban’s versatility and creativity. Each track brings something unique to the table, making the album a dynamic and enjoyable listening experience.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

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