Keith Urban Gives Us An Update On The Voice

Keith Urban has been spending a little time Down Under to film episodes
of Australia’s version ofThe Voice. He says it’s not quite as much time
as everyone thinks, though.

“The filming time ofThe Voice is quite short. The blind auditions were
like 12 days, not even the whole shooting time,” says Keith. “The whole
shooting time was four days, but the preparation and all that other
stuff [takes more time]. We were down there for 12 days and then we flew
back.” However, traveling with two little girls is a bit more
complicated, especially if there are multiple flights. “When we looked
at the schedule, we went ‘Well, we’ll go down for two weeks, and then
we’ll come back to Nashville for two weeks. And then we’ll go back down
for another two weeks.’ And then we suddenly went, ‘Well, this is crazy.
We’re never going to make it all the way to Nashville with our kids and
then all the way back down to Sydney with our kids.’ So, we thought,
‘Well, what should we do? Should we just stay down there? Or what should
do?’,” recalls Keith. “And we’ve got a place in L.A. that we
occasionally go to, and we just decided we’ll go back to there, ‘cause
that’s one flight – Sydney-L.A. direct.”

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