Kayleigh Leith – Wrapped in music from soft to dynamite

Leith –
in music from soft to dynamite
Leith, a young woman I met this year, she is real, she is honest and
she is full of energy.
was raised in the steel – and – glass big City of Pittsburgh,
started her journey in Pennsylvania, went to Las Vegas and then to
New York, and guess what – she ended up in a small village in
Holland. Why? – Because she followed the love of her life!
dad was teacher and together they sang in the church and at a lot of
parties. They even had their own karaoke machine and so they spend
quite a lot of time with it.
always liked to be in the spotlights and get that kind of attention,
she loved it, when people gave applause and wanted to hear them sing.
After initially trying to purser a music education, she stopped that,
because she didn´t want to teach music, she wanted to bring the
music into the world, with her songs and her own ideas.
started in music in 2008, she fell in love with a Dutch guy and they
lived in New York, than he decided to go back home to Holland and
Kayleigh said:”Well I go with him, and If I don´t like it, I can
go home!”
then she followed the voice of her heart and went across the big
Atlantic and ended up in Holland. In a very small, rustic town, with
cows, and horses, and pigs and chicken. She started liking it, it was
cool and so peaceful, and considering that she first lived in New
York, it was a very big change.
always made things positive even during hard times, she was true to
herself. She lives by the motto:” Everything happens for a reason”
and maybe her big dreams will come true some day. Even in bad times
she thought positive and a few of her best songs were written in
those days.
was homesick and lonely, didn´t felt well and then she started
writing her stories, even she never considered herself as a
songwriter. These stories inside her and her feelings made her walk
on a different way, a way that never, ever would had cross her mind
and so she started a career far from home.
2009, she made a little demo of three songs, together with her
husband. She had so much to say and so she wrapped it in her songs,
her real feelings, those she kept deep inside herself.
out of a sudden she was asked to appear on stage and when she came
there, she was shocked. She had to present herself in front of
unbelievable 30.000 people. She thought, if that is possible,
anything is possible! If people like my songs, I can make it and she
lot of people started to get interested in Kayleigh Leith, that girl
from Pittsburg, so she released her album “Miles Away”, and guess
what – you can imagine it is all about her feelings, being far away
from home.
was a kind of mixture between pop and country, but this album got
worldwide attention and so Kayleigh went to hit the road on a Miles
Away Tour. She was seen in and heard in the radio, in clubs and on
many festivals in Europe and America. Her highlights in that time
have been the appearance in the Bluebird Café in Nashville TN, and
the USO show for US troops in Germany! She loved it and so her
journey began to become a real base, so when she was on tour 2012 in
Nashville, she started writing with a lot of top songwriters. She met
Rob Crosby and he took Kayleigh under his wings, so she started
recording her second album “Woman”, and Rob Crosby was her acting
producer. This album is full of pop, blues & rock, with a lot of
passion. It is wrapped in a good sound on a high standard.
Multifaceted in the pitch, it is a pleasure to listen to it.
has been since put into the spotlights of several countries; she is
growing in country music and still keeping up her roots in the pop
based new country. She does not present traditional country and
sometimes when she and band get on stage, the people don´t know what
to say, because they play a bit harder than they thought, but people
like it and a lot of those people changed their minds about the new
kind of country music she presents. She likes what she does, you can
see and feel that and if she is happy, the public is happy too.
Leith has her own kind of style, that rock. She has a strongly
opinion, in what she wants to do and were she wants to be in country
music, and that distinguish her from a lot of other artists. She is
small, smart and very cute and above all she has very important
things to say.
is what she does in all her lyric, she gets to the point, with every
single song she is singing. Lot of dynamite with a good portion of
rock, in her beautiful voice makes the songs sell them self. She is
not only dynamite, she also can sound very softly, lovely and
melodic; she is a package full of surprises.
Leith the young woman, that didn´t change, because people told her
so, she remains true to herself, and that is what people like about
her and the music she creates.
found her dream in a far away country, had to leave her home, her
family, her friends, but she found the love of her life and the
country music she wants to present! So dreams can come true!!!!
by Gaby Agrikola for Country Music News International

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