Nashville, TN (February 22, 2012) – Former Chicago inner city
school teacher, rising country singer and motivational speaker Katie
Quick scored her national television debut yesterday.  Singer/songwriter
Quick performed “Fortunate Son” by Creedence Clearwater Revival on
“Katie” (Couric) during the “One To Watch” segment for music industry
legend Clive Davis and former American Idol contestant Jordin Sparks. 
“I was thrilled to be chosen as one of the three people to
perform on Katie.  Not only was it a great opportunity because it was on
national television, but to perform in front of Clive and Jordin was a
once in a lifetime experience,” says Quick.  “I was able to show all of
the students I meet through my Fingertips Program that hard work and
dedication can really pay off.” 
“I really think you’re a natural performer, you radiate a very good feel and you have a great voice,” praised Davis.
Not only did Quick get to perform, but she was afforded the
opportunity to inform viewers about Fingertips Program, an inspirational
school assembly program she founded that combines motivational speaking
with live music. 
In regards to the program, Sparks added,  “I love the fact
the you have the program, it’s so awesome for kids to keep their
attention.  It’s kinda hard when everyone is just speaking so the fact
you’re incorporating music in that it’s absolutely incredible.” 
To view the segment, click here
Quick is currently raising money for her third album through
Kickstarter.  To learn more about her campaign or to donate, visit
About Katie Quick
Nearly five years ago, Katie Quick was leading a double life.  By day, she was a 6th grade
teacher in the inner city Chicago Public Schools.  But by night, she
was singing Sugarland covers with her band and dreaming of country music
stardom.  Her students loved hearing about her music and dreams of
performing in a stadium full of screaming fans.  They loved it so much,
in fact, that Katie started using her music in the classroom as an
incentive for her students.  She would bring her guitar and sing for
them on Fridays, offering mini-concerts as a reward for good attendance,
behavior, and academics.  Despite the immense success and joy it
brought to her students, her principal put her on probation for using
music in the classroom and told Katie her “music would never pay the bills.”
 A blessing in disguise some say because she left the classroom at the
end of that year and decided to SHOW her students that with hard work
and determination, anything is possible.

Quick has since been working diligently as an independent
artist, recording two albums of original music, touring internationally,
and building up an incredible network of fans.  She is heading to the
studio soon to record her third album. www.katiequick.com 

About The Fingertips Program
The Fingertips Program is an inspirational school assembly
that combines live music with motivational speaking.  Founded by Katie
Quick, this recording artist, songwriter, and former Chicago Public
School teacher shows students through her music and journey how to find
their passion and follow their dreams.  www.fingertipsprogram.com
For more information, visit www.katiequick.com, www.facebook.com/katiequickmusic, @katiequick.

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