Kane Brown Come Back To Me

CD Review: Kane Brown – Baby Come Back To Me

By Stanley Mwene For Country Music News International Magazine

  1. Baby Come Back To Me
  2. Good As You
  3. Lose It
  4. It Ain’t You It’s Me
  5. Short Skirt Weather
  6. Homesick
  7. Weekend
  8. Work
  9. One Night Only
  10. My Where I Come From
  11. American Bad Dream
  12. Live Forever

A Little History of Kane Brown

Kane Brown was born on 21St October, 1993 and he is a rising star in the American Country scene. He first caught public attention through social media by posting covers of several country songs. He released his E.P and single in 2015 and signed with the record label R.C.A Nashville.

After releasing his first self-titled full-length album, he charted in the main Billboard country charts. His second album charted on the Billboard top 200. He is a celebrated artist!

Baby Come Back To Me. This is a powerful romantic song…. Baby come back to me, give me more one time for the test of the day to be a better man to stand to be. Just come back to me tonight. Baby come back to me. Don’t maintain this collar. Let me sleep over, don’t make. Don’t make me have stress.

Give me crazy over this world, do not kill me. Killing myself for your sake. Baby come back to me. Give me one chance for more just to be to be your batter man. Why do you do this to me? He wonders. Please come back to me tonight.

Don’t you go. You belong to me. Don’t go and dump me. Don’t go, turn back. Do not go and everything we had, do not go doing that. Give me one more chance to be a better man so I have to be. Don’t make this colder(love). Do not make me sleep alone. Please come back to be tonight. Baby come back to me.

Good As You. This is also another powerful love song. See the way you are taking care of your mum. The way you are taking care may, the way you are becoming longer may lose to be. You are longer to stand the woman to be. Telling me, I just gonna waking up every day with you ‘beibe’. Never leave, I love you baby.

I might go but time soon but baby I just gonna be with you. You are more than just to service. You gather and go, so when I come and loves you baby. Never give up to my love tonight. As to my life, you are gonna to be. So stand alone and tell me to be with you night.

Wake up every day and my name baby, never leave. I might go however love keep after following you. Baby I had to stand small leave but I love you. I love you baby. I need to wake up every day and see you baby. Never leave baby. I might take up but I love you. Baby I just gonna be with you. I just gonna wake up every day and see you baby. Leave never let us stay. By, I just gonna be happy as just you.

Lose It.  This is also another awesome romantic song. The little bringing brushing good for nothing. The directions to the body is just to start with their cover being. I just could to the radio station and is losing tonight. Is when you do that thing baby how sweet. Don’t make girl how soon I love you. We just need to go to the music there everybody I go.

Every time close ‘mama’ I lose it. Yeah, I lose it. It is time how I lose it baby I come to the floor board. Coming to dance you don’t know more. Nothing sort of as you know because I’m really losing tonight. I love you we need to be together tonight. You do not need to be losing.

We just need to be to the music. Everybody had to be there. Every time I lose it. It is when you do that thing how sweet you are. I don’t know what you do to me again. I ask you to be with me tonight. You are so sweet to the music. Because ‘mama’ I l lose it. I lose it

It Ain’t You It’s  Me. This is also a beautiful love song.  My I afford singing I am this must I figure out; you are here me meet actually. I am struck to your jack (love) actually. No that says, it ain’t you it’s me. Here we go, it has gone through. It ain’t you it is me. You are here, it is around still.

Hey here, it has been struck. You are the one I came over. Hey you it is me. Just start, it has gone away. Somebody makes us far away but it is up to you to feel my pain. As both of us feel the same thing, I am just struck.

It is me, it ain’t you we have to say. Here, it is you to allow me to stay with you. You are the one I came over to hold.  It is you it has gone through I have to say. You are around to stay with. Without you, it has been done crazy. It is you.

Short Skirt Weather. Oh my baby never show scared when she shows some harmful gorges. Oh my baby never show scared away. We will be working both watching her name jaguar. Nobody looking at me. We have to stay in watching show later. Watching her show. Every time they saw her making topple, seeks blow.

Oh ‘mama’, come on. She is a form ‘mama’, I can tell her ‘mama’ from the times I see her. She is from a Scott I come and she was made for me. My girl never saw her away from me. My baby I never saw stay away from me.

Home Sick. Listening to the kid, using my favorite song singing on a fan boy. Have led down I swear you learn more when whispering night all those moments. Every using word homesick this feeling we don’t, it’s like everyone is missing you.

What I wanna do is and you deny do in the morning. Baby, that is the day I am true if form is whether hard. I am home sick for you. Let’s say it came back, some are back at the door. So let me say I have never been before its screaming my name. It’s well dreaming to the bank.

I am missing you infact baby. I am feeling home sick. We do not need to quit, it is missing. There is nothing I can do. I t is beyond your love. You are something that I saw. And you deny to be mine. Baby that is say the true. Inform me if that is whether hard.  I am missing for you.

I am homesick for you. I am feeling we don’t quit it is like I have ever missing you. There is nothing I can do beyond your love. You are one a reason to stay. I live you tonight. Baby, that is the day I am through. I am always homesick for you.

Weekend. As for the third coming, I am far coming to your place. You should be coming and check, yeah I only love you. Because at the door, spend your love making the floor so we have grown making for. So I need you girl. Our love has deepened and we have the feeling. So I can see you baby.

So our love deepens, we can work for seasons as friends.  We need to keep to our plans and do not escape. It is some to see our love taking key. Let’s just keep sharing and we can our love. Our love will deepen and feelings.

Just sharing, we can deepen our love. There is nothing we can do while we are not at peace. Rally we do with me just weekend. If it is something chipping, just can deepen, deepen. That is the way we are feeling and we never be sleeping. We are feeling we can. Yeah we shall be weekend. Just say on the weekend.

Work. This is a powerful romantic song. They say don’t have been gone away, say I will kiss tonight. Baby something to is after to be her. For I gonna be have, for I gonna be after her. I gonna be together to be one, I gonna be work. Nothing is easy, can we start living. It is gonna be a couple of fans.

Just to see who is wrong, for God is gonna be with us. Yeah we can make one. I have seen things happen once start to destroy. I have seen beautiful men wanting make her. Nothing is easy. Can we start living.

It is gonna be a couple of fans. Just see who is wrong with our love today. Let us be one, just buy yourself pumps I am gonna be love. So the day he had done make you work. Nothing is easy. Let’s start living. It is gonna be a couple of fans We can make the world.

One Night Only.  This is also another romantic music. Feeling over, came I take you, you worked in and I will be with you. Thereafter, kindly take I wanna be. Tell me a story, spend on details we just met. I will miss you. I wanna love you just need to take you.

I will just take you to buy you a note whenever you take. You wanna take oh baby girl. For i wanna talk again and again. We just need one night only. I wanna love you, just one night. I wanna love you baby. There is 24/7 with you. Introduce me to your friends to be around baby.

I wanna just love one-night baby. We just need to take you home. Take you to the bar. Wherever you are drinking, tell me I must understand. Oh I wanna take you baby girl. Take and bring whatever you want. Again anything. I wanna love you. Feeling your love, you are my attention.

Nobody will be with you. I am affection I wanna be. I wanna love just one. Already, I just take you home. Take you to the bar you wherever you drink. I wanna bring you back. Again and again I love you. I wanna love you. One night only.

My Where I come From. This is a love song. Let’s view more judges on where they have gone, I have learnt more tracks where they have come. It stands still again this far, where they are still dying. Where I come from, they have really prayed for you.

Anything strange has gone to history. There is no exchange in worry where I come from. So we have done this again being mine if I will let her back again. If anything I had on for the start, I have tried in fact. That is mine where I come from. When thinking and looking on again, if I am wrong, I will call her.

I am still calling back where I come from. So if I let my music, I will come and set you, oh my do not fry. If it is wrong on my, I am coming ‘mum’. I have gone and will be a little far from you. Baby no worries, I have everything for you. So if I’m just far again, I will be back at night. If I never learn again, I will be back my head on. To start with everything, you said, as is now where I come from.

American Bad Dream. I learn as I play getting ready about the question take it come. I again take it, test it the day that you managed. It is just like I close my eyes as everybody is referring to the devil sky. I have learnt the truth and now I cannot take it anymore.

So where we are, lets no come back to the dream. This is where we are to the American dream. I will come no more. So let’s judge lee. So may way, may we have so let’s come back to the dream. I remember closing over the lane, you just came to take it. Here just comes the jug, a good one and what is I have to do with the jug.

I just can lose my eyes at every one and that is for the devil sky. As I had my hands on us, I am the truth and I have just claimed taking no more. The way we are, this may give back bad dream. This is the very start of the dream where we are in.

I have come with American dream, to have a change lead. For may we are, yes we make a dream. So please come back. So be back I call everybody. We may, so let’s come back. We have to make back to the American dream.

Live Forever.  This is an amazing romantic song. Love is too speedy nee near, lacking moving with the sound. If you are not like a Freelander, you shall arise. I take a color brag and no near, suddenly discuss no so and what you do, need a thousand love. If love just we cannot do.

Now the day, I have been looking to, if we just need to be together, makes me worry. Forever, you make me worry. You tell yourself that you never grow old. Do you find that what you mean to? I wanna never seen you gone old. I wanna never seen you kiss me back if love is just beginning to.

Another day I begin with you. If I begin, we just need to be together. It makes me worry. If forever, you make me worry. I shall more say making new smile seen your name. If we just need to be together, you make me worry.

If just life beginning out to, know the day of love. We just need to be together. It makes me worry. Forever you make me worry.










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