Julie Richardson “I’m Not Going Anywhere”

This is Julie’s new single “I’m Not Going Anywhere”   Her performance is the marriage this song has been waiting for, and if you listen real close to the lyrics of this song, it is meant for people in love, and maybe even for those who are looking for a wedding song.  We ask you for your input and hopefully a lot of spins for your listeners.  Your feedback is most import to Julie and to our record company, Midnight Special Records.
As Julie continues to release her music to radio, we are finding more and more air personalities are hearing what we have been preaching about her-that she is headed for great success in the country music industry, so now we would like to know what you think about this beautiful ballad by this beautiful woman.  I have been in the music industry for many years, and I have come to know that when you release a ballad to radio, IT HAD BETTER BE SUPER GOOD, and Julie has lived up to every expectation with this song.
A Star Is Born
Julie Richardson, born in Denver, Colorado, has been singing since she could talk.  She was born with a voice destined for success from the time she sang in her elementary school choir, where she was encouraged to move ahead with her talent.  She then began to play lead roles in school plays and recitals, giving her more time to sing and perform and to realize that she had found her one true talent in singing and performing.  Throughout her school years, Julie performed in concerts and school choirs as well as acting.  She attended the University of Colorado and graduated with a BA in History.  She knew then that her life would be filled with the joy of entertainment.
In 2006 and 2007 she progressed to the final round of the Loretta Lynn Talent Search, where she met a producer who asked her to send him a demo of her work.  After listening to Julie’s voice he was so impressed that he told her he would song find material, and he recommended that she come to Nashville and record so that he could bring her to the attention of the major record labels.  He did not realize how strong her vocals were and that she had perfect pitch.  When the session was completed he knew that he had found a diamond in the rough.  Julie Richardson is the new voice in country music, or for that matter, in any music genre.  In the language of recording, “SHE NAILED EACH SONG PERFECTLY.”  She possesses the quality of a super star waiting to be introduced to the world.  It is time for Julie Richardson’s Star to Shine as brightly as any star in the music industry.
When you hear Julie for the first time, you will hear her bring excitement to her music, her love of music, and her desire to make her music a part of your life by enjoying her awesome voice.  The time has come for the music industry to cradle the talents of this young lady in the arms of success, and to grab onto to The Julie Richardson Star and hold on as she takes all of us on the ride to the top of the music industry.

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