Josh Ward Steps Up to Bat in the Big Leagues

Josh Ward Steps Up to Bat in the Big Leagues

Ward has done far more in his career than make his name synonymous with
“genuine country music” over the last decade. His is also one of the
most recognizable names in Texas, an All-Star player whose music has
become a landmark at radio with ten consecutive #1 hit singles to his

to that social media numbers that rank in the millions, a presence on
both the Billboard Heatseekers Chart and the iTunes Country Chart, a
robust tour schedule offering over 200 dates a year and sold out shows
across the country, and you begin to see the magnitude of a burgeoning
career grown organically with a root system that now has a wide lateral
reach.  And so, on October 26th Ward will step up to the plate in the
big leagues and take his first swing with the national release of his
new single “Ain’t It Baby.”  This marks the second single to roll off his new album “More Than I Deserve” and the first to hit mainstream radio stations.  A moonlit serenade reminiscing about stealing first base, “Ain’t It Baby” is already finding a home in major markets.  

was in 2012 when Ward first hit his stride in the notorious Texas music
scene with the release of his first full length album “Promises.”
It was that year that radio discovered their new banner artist with
three singles hitting the #1 spot on the Texas Regional radio Chart with
Hard Whiskey,” “Promises” and “Sent Me You.”  “Holding Me Together
in 2015 proved yet another triumphant release with all six singles
settling in to the #1 spot including the chart’s “Song of the Year” “Whiskey & Whitley,” “Highway,” “Somewhere Between Right And Wrong,” “Broken Heart,” “Change My Mind” and “You Don’t Have To Be Lonely.” His new 2018 release “More Than I Deserve
was released amassed just shy of 300,000 streams in the first few weeks
of its release and debuted at #15 on Billboard’s Heatseekers Chart and
#5 on the iTunes country albums chart. The album’s first single “All
About Lovin’” fell right in line with Ward’s succession of hit singles
making it an even ten #1’s. “Ain’t It Baby” will also be released to Texas radio on October 22nd.  

Critic’s praises call the album “next level,” “a solid, neo-traditional sound,” “powerful with spirituality-infused imagery” and ”a true country album from start to finish.” 
With such mass appeal and a demand for his live show, Ward’s tour
schedule has expanded into a lot of new territories this year.  Check
tour dates at  

Josh Ward band is Josh Ward (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Steve Cargill
(bass), Travis Bishop (keys, organ, harmony vocals), Justin Cognito
(drums), Bryan “Woody” Woodruff (lead guitar) and Cody Angel (steel


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