Josh Turner’s Tour Stop In Wyoming

Josh Turner’s tour stop in Wyoming left fans wanting more!

Review by Karen Cotton for Country Music News International

On the evening of February tenth, which was a wintery cold night, Josh Turner fans lined up in a line that circled around the block from The Lincoln, in Cheyenne, Wyoming, where he was performing. Parking was also scarce in downtown.

Turner’s fans the  ranged in age from toddlers in cowboy and cowgirl hats and boots, to preteens and teenagers, people in their 20s, 30’s, 40’s and older.

His latest album is a Christmas album, “King Size Manger,” that was released last year. His career spans two decades with many hit records including “Long Black Train,” “Your Man,” “Everything is Fine” “Haywire,” “Punching Bag,” “Deep South,” and “I Serve a Savior,” and “Country State of Mind.”

When Turner stepped onto The Lincoln’s stage he was welcomed with loud cheering from the audience. He and his band the Tonkin’ Honkies went right into his cover of the Hank Williams classic, “When I Saw the Light.”


After the song he said, “You know just making sure you know you’re getting your money’s worth here. You guys bought a ticket to my show. I’ve never played here at the Lincoln before, so this is my first time. I’m looking around there’s people everywhere here you guys are all the way to the ceiling. I’m just stalling because of the higher altitude than compared to Nashville, so I can’t really breathe right now, I’m in my head voice here. I did want to point out there’s a merchandise stand out there in the lobby. The song that we just played for you is my version of the Hank Williams classic, “When I Saw the Light,” it’s from my very first gospel record that came out a few years ago called I saw the savior. It’s a song that garnered me my very first Dove Award, so I’m proud of the song and I’m proud of that album. You can find the album at the merchandise stand out in the lobby. I’m going to tell you that later on in the show but right now I’m going to play the most played song from 2012, “Time is Love.”


He played some of his hits “Me and God,” “Country State of Mind,” “I’m No Stranger to the Rain,” and fans started really getting loud and excited when a train sound came on and it was time for Turner to sing the song that started his career in country music, “Long Black Train,” that really featured his deep bass vocals that he’s best known for.


During his show Turner also performed some of his popular hit love songs “Would You Go With Me,” “Hometown Girl,” “Why Don’t You Just Dance” and “Your Man” that had couples of all ages dancing in the aisles of the theater.


Even after Turner and his band left the stage after his final song fans couldn’t get enough and their hooting and hollering called him back onto the stage and he did an encore song,  “Why Don’t We Just Dance.” And even after the encore the audience seemed sad that the show was actually over once the house lights came up.


Turner and the Tonkin’ Honkies put on an incredible show. Catch him on tour at a city near you in the U.S. for more information.

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