Josh Turner – Live Across America

CD Review: Josh Turner – Live Across America

by Christian Lamitschka for Country Music News International

  1. All Over Me 3:33
  2. Firecracker 3:48
  3. Everything is Fine 3:54
  4. So Not My Baby 3:37
  5. Would You Go With Me 3:49
  6. Long Black Train 5:28
  7. I Wouldn’t Be A Man 3:40
  8. Me And God 3:18
  9. Another Try 3:52
  10. Your Man 3:40
  11. America 3:34
  12. Why Don’t We Just Dance 4: 00


“Live Across America” sounds exciting, varied and arouses our curiosity, just like Josh Turner’s live album of the same name. In this album, the father of three has combined 12 live songs that he has performed in different states of the USA, including his four number 1 hits “All Over Me”, “Your Man”, “Would You Go With Me ” and “Why Don’t We Just Dance “.

As it should be for appearances, screams and applause can be heard from the fans, but this is not a problem. They are usually only clearly audible at the beginning and at the end of each song. It makes you feel like you’re there yourself, especially when Turner is saying something to his fans or when he is holding the microphone in the crowd and you can hear the many voices of the audience. At that moment, you sing along loudly yourself and possibly jump up from the sofa when you hear the prompt “Everybody stand up and clap your hands” (everyone stands up and claps). The ability to hit incredibly deep notes cleanly, which you never thought a human voice could sing, makes Turner not only a distinctive, but also a uniquely good singer. He sings the low notes with particular soul and with slow songs like “So Not My Baby”, “Would You Go With Me”, “I Wouldn’t Be A Man” and “Another Try” his voice gets under your skin. It is also interesting that two songs, “Long Black Train” and “Me and God”, are dedicated to faith but are written in such a way that even non-believers can identify with them. His other songs can be described as light-hearted and exuberant overall. I particularly like “Why Don’t We Just Dance” and “Everything Is Fine” because they don’t deal with any specific problem and you can just enjoy life. “America” also belongs in this category and also conveys a great message. America is described as one big family and every single one, no matter what profession, what belief, what skin color, is indispensable for the country, so that it became and will become what it is.

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