Hot New Single from Debut Album Impacts Radio Today with Early Acclaim

Austin, Texas – Joni Rae Jack and AH-HA Music Group are pleased to announce that “Wild Side,”* the third single from her self-titled debut, is impacting Texas radio today. A rollicking good time of a song, “Wild Side” is the musical telling of a sizzling Saturday night relived from a church choir loft on Sunday morning. Written by Heather Little (who is no stranger to fiery songs as a co-writer with Miranda Lambert on “Gunpowder & Lead”) and Rusty VanSickle, the single was produced by Greg Hunt and Shayne Morrison (of country group Perfect Stranger) at Rosewood Studio in Tyler, Texas.

“‘Wild Side’ was my favorite song on this album to record. I had a blast singing it and the musicians were all amazing,” said Joni Rae. “I
think everyone can relate to this song somehow; who hasn’t sat in
church on a Sunday morning and not been a little worried about who knew
what they did on Saturday night?” 
Shayne Morrison, co-producer, knows the temptation of the song as he and his band, Perfect Stranger, once considered recording it. “I’ve liked this song since I first heard it years ago. It’s a perfect fit for Joni Rae,” he said. “In
a male dominated genre, she has that Texas-sized attitude to kick the
door in. Texas needs artists like her and I am honored she chose Greg
and I to produce her music and take us along for this ‘Wild Ride.'”
Ed Spacek of Austin’s The Spacek Company is heading up the campaign and radio has jumped on board early and is ready for the song to heat up the airwaves:
“Just heard Joni Rae Jack’s ‘Wild Side’…from the church pew to raisin’ Hell, it is one heck of a ride! I LOVE IT!” ~ Austin Daniels/KFTX FM – Corpus Christi, TX
“There are adds…and then there are MUST adds! Joni rocks her ‘Wild Side’…and this is a MUST add!” ~ C. W. Simon/KMKS – Bay City, TX 
“Joni Rae Jack has a
great song about a ‘sweet little angel’ with ‘a wild side.’ It sounds
great, has tempo and it’s under 3 minutes. It just might be the perfect
summer song.” ~ 
Ken Murray/ KTTX/KWHI – Brenham, TX
Joni Rae Jack released her debut album in February of 2012 and hit the Texas radio charts with the self- penned “Western Bling” and “Maybe You’ll Love the Way I Leave”(written by Randy Hardison and Wynn Varble). Beginning like many before her, Joni Rae
sang in church and related activities with her family. While her strong
musical foundation was built on Southern Gospel tunes and country
music’s own Ralph Mooney (whom she performed with as a teenager), her true start began when she started touring with Arista Texas’ Joel Nava and The Border.
The process of making her
first record was put on hold in 2010 when she and her family were
stricken by the wildfires that spread throughout Bastrop, Texas. Forced
to rebuild her life as they lost their home and belongings, Joni Rae channeled her inner spirit and courageous energy and finished the album, releasing it under AH-HA Music several months later. 
In the midst of fire and ashes, Joni Rae Jack
relied on her music to get her through and credits her ability to
survive and inspire those around her by being herself. Her determination
has paid off and she is nominated as Best New Female Vocalist for the 2013 Texas Regional Radio Music Awards to be held on April 21, 2013. A Georgia-born gal, Joni Rae is honored to be part of such a thriving scene and says that her heart is truly in Texas because, here, “I can be me.”   
For more information on Joni Rae Jack visit:

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