John K Krsulja Black To Blue

CD Review: John K Krsulja – Black To Blue

By Stanley Mwene For Country Music News International Magazine

  1. Black To Blue
  2. Keep Quiet
  3. People Revolution
  4. The Way It Goes
  5. Fishin’ N Workin’
  6. Nimbin
  7. Burden Of The Fool
  8. The World Keeps Turning On Its Own
  9. Love’s Lost Woman
  10. Woronora River
  11. Love Finds A Way

Little History of John K Krsulja

Joihn K Ksulja is originally from the Sutherland Shire. After many years of travelling around the world and Australia, Johnny K settled in the hills of gold, Nundle outside of Tanworth, Autralia’s Country Music Capital. Currently, John K and his family stays Nundle at the DAG Sheep Station.

Black To Blue. Last Mystery of the same were mixed tonight its way wonderful is he will stay. Looking inside the civil and she, there is nothing which and she as many wrongs to not make the right. Is out shy take their wrong go just like the experience now over the floor. And just can’t form she, this is the time of notice palomino in known shade the world and that is when lie shines through.

Times may apply, so they tend to swear each other mix say, they have to stand on the earth and turn the line. Join to make stay did he tell her like him? He wondered. Those outsides check their wrong go. It’s just like they felt then over the floor which can fry now is the time they hope now is palomino known shade the world. That is when lie it shines through.

Times apply to be. Let him take clouds to remove back its weaves like storm that may hit the ground. Those are results that take their wrongs to go Just like they are in the field then over the floor. Times may apply to prove. That is when lie shines through.

Keep Quite. Join me and then man tang is over hundred and fifty gram, both miss dying is gone again. She is alone with the kids. She keeps crying, wow keeps crying. Jack gave away each kid …what we mean is stolen generation we have known for the rest of life is saying crying. Its crying wow kids crying.

This the times we need to stream now. This are the days we need to shine now. Every keep silent. Two younger love bird coming loving the couple for the first time. Doesn’t feel right, they don’t feel good each crying. Wow kids crying. Mum is crazy often the time, she is passionately lying.  ‘Mama’ comes

This is the time they need to shut down and emblance silence.  Things can change well. This is where times need to worry, then starts another time to once sit down the ground. Wow keep crying, this is the time we to shut down. To break the silence.

People Revolution.It is an amazing song which starts with powerful tunes Then it goes; Where is kids struggle last gain first. If then why is seen, then lying. Many got ways, people keep crazy tell what feeling listen why now dying for the change. Every man and woman shall be losing. People are losing

Every child keep longing not guilty at all. Did run, tell something is wrong. So get ready for their people are losing. Something went wrong, hearts are being called (they need to come together to get start trying. Things will take correct.

Now is time, to change. Every man and woman, the child, people should never loosen (keep fighting). That is now the thing!  The people will never loosen. Do not judge self if things get wrong, to get sorry and people crying. Do not get stuck to become worried. That war, to keep trying. The change is coming. People will never get loosen (should keep fighting).  Now, it is time for the change.

Let them rush on to the lives and remember, everyone, every generation and every child. Let then never loosen (keep fighting).

The Way It Goes. The song starts… Come on, you can take care your big boy now and I thought you are long couple solo. It is turning on to be. Maybe, this now and soon in his song tomorrow is having many with and him walk along in street. They need to move on is gone. Nothing anybody can know and she is his if she can prove him wrong.

That is that is the way. And that is the way it goes. And take care of the son and if she can go to town, let her wait. He walks a little slower. He is along the way ad give to himself along the way. And that is when she is alone. She has got to be with many and him and he walks along instead.

When packed up, morning is gone. Laughing anybody can know. And she is his if she can prove him wrong. That is the way it goes. When packed up morning is gone, that anybody can know. She is his if she can prove him wrong. That is the way it goes.

Fishin’ N Workin’. The amazing song starts…. This is story about him (Mau) about his life peacefully with many counts no matter what he does. This is where he can weaken no man can do. Looked out Mau where dear was born. Watching him working hard from dust to dawn.

This what him and his brother can do. This is where they can do. Say some what they can. Then let them have a land where they can. They love so much what they can do. They say thanks to what they can do. They are like father and son. Say fishing and that is what they can do.

No men got tired. Mostly, are heard. Can they have mostly what they can do. It has been fishing on the weekend. So this was the story about him Mau man. He lives his live peacefully. No many counts rather than what you do. There fishing is what they can do.

Nimbin. He was talking to fellow like sharp. He needs special planning whereby he starts winning. He went upon pits was empty and dry. He came across flies and people asked him why. There, he stuck inside and nothing was done and nothing is done. I don’t know what is going on here.

It shall feel like, well done calm down. For he spoke many times and she smiles. These women are, he was talking inside and its done. He doesn’t know what is going there. It shall feel like to the glad coffee which tends ready fry. Well, to the countrymen.

Lacking little change for inside, some strings all over. The trailer which took to the stage joining, it was music. It was music to make sense. Thus talking inside some strings are all over. It shall feel like done.

Burden Of The Fool. This is an awesome song about love which has gone sour. The song starts… they shall start talking there together nobody sees what’s’ on the mind. This he sees flocking together to her is won. They then see her complaining. Talking bad is wrong. Seen what she is feeling neither to choose him.

Do they understand one another? He wonders. Seeking a peace mind. Do they do to each other what is right? He wonders. It is left behind. Nobody is right neither him. The honest way, they shall listen to the lies of the other. The fool is lying. Why is left to watching and go? He wonders.

Do they stay to one another seeking a peace mind? Do they need to move forward to each other? What is right is to leave behind. The only thing left is to leave each other. So. What is wrong, nobody knows. He travels keeping wondering. But another fool he supposes.

The World Keeps Turning On Its Own. There is a Vend dreamer next to believer on the other turning around. There is a blowing picture listen to the teacher to picture the ends on the ground. If you listen, it will occur you see we have gotten far. We just program coming stories, we are the ones keeps turning down.

There is again turning wondering on the travel, it sounds shook standing on the ground. Another one father, sister and brother they need first work done. And he sees it before their eyes, rising with ocean and sky. And some hide behind to the dorm. Another one keeps standing.

So the love is between them, their mothers becomes fathers, heavens becomes teachers at the end. Then sisters and brothers, becomes wanderers and travelers. Now they start gathering and start of again. If they listen to the locally, they see they have gotten very far.

They just program covering stories always. In other world keeps turning on its own. If they listen and look up, they see they are turning very far. They just build covering and there is understanding. In another world keeps turning on its own.

Love Is Lost Woman. This is a romantic song which starts…. Suddenly, she be like him from the last day they feel. Lonely day he had to roam begotten mainly tight close. Loneliness travel now disappears. Let them have the story normal. They lie away if that has to turn thee why she leaves him alone.

Round and round, life has to go when is time no one seen now. And that is abnormal and see a lost woman rusting during the day. That be less he lies. I f so, let her give him warm. In his memories, while he remains till his storm. Round and round she lies to go. When it’s time, no one seen another and that is abnormal.

No one sees love’s lost woman in a dream. Please, would she tell him that goal. Round and round life has to go on. When it’s time, no one will see each other in the faces. Lost woman, why is she doing to him that? He wonders. Suddenly she is, he recovers her from around the pain she feels. The only days, she lies in the empty room, they got mainly tight close.

Woronora River.The beautiful song starts with explanations….. take ‘mama’ back to know the kids. The ‘nana’ which catches the school bus have to walk for a couple of days. With his first brother, will book bus in the clan. Vanish to look back at the clannism. She either to keep the children or remain there with ‘Fulani’.  And now to school, they have to play outside.

Their arms are straight, come on. Buy food and be in charge yeah. On the way, came quick, but someone has to pick the stamps.  Everything will need to stop again with reasonable often with 6 or 4 . Someone has to order.

Then here, are the tunes of the amazing love song itself…. Love Rosen together when you live on all, wonna all with. Mark flat is any, lucky and fishing memories have to be left with the gum tree. It is still him sending catch lunch for the first time. The fish then find the loving still wait from the noise.

They still catch the fish with catching goals in the given days. They still catch and listen and they hold each other tightly on the game tree. The sung all. Love rose on and breath when they are living all. With matrix and sending lukies and fishing. The memories are still left back by the girl.

The girls can fight with the other boys. One time, four of them or six of them which the boys felt for a longer. Said Amen. Each time, they pulled for their push backs. He knew it occurs. That is how then queued on the floor. They had to run quick and then had to end on the corridor. Things changed up to that.

They sung all. Love rose on to level. When they left all, they were not ready. Le Matrix said, lukies fishing, memories were left by the gum tree. He last had to know all of them. A famous white was the kids man. He had left the country. She had to handle the kids. He had to go back and listen to his friend.

He had time with her, but she was someone’s garbage. Back at the streets, lights came on. Some guided them and they got the gum tree. They sung all Love rose and they lived on. Matrix, Lukies Fishing. The had to leave the gum tree. The then sung all. Love rose on together. When they lived the life like they were not living.

Love Finds A Way. This is also another amazing love song…. There is a little place ‘Shank Okwae’ . A little place he has been a while. As the black things lying. He builds up a coli round plans when it is gone. There win with a long prone. Down with a win long. That is when love finds a way.

He is a live that day that is when love finds a way and a heals a life that day. He stays still with no place to go. He is longing for her to give him a way to show. The to get married and stay on the floor. It is getting hard for him to sleep as she is not showing any nearby. Everything is not working is not working for him. That is when love finds a way.

He heals hard like other days. That is when love finds a way to heal is heart that day. No time he is getting that right. Did inside they knew they kept love and warmth. They had to give up that file. So they carried the day with black wine they had broken. It was like a deep cut. He went on his knees praying so that they can improve and pick up their love again.

Indeed, it was like he needed a friend. It was like he needed a friend. That was when love had to find its way They had to light the day That was when love had to find its way in his heart at that day.

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