Joey+Rory – Headache (CD Single Review)

Joey+Rory – Headache (CD Single Review)
Release Date – August 30, 2011
Label – (C) 2011 Vanguard / Sugar Hill Records, A Welk Music Group Company
Writers – Rory Lee Feek, Joey Martin Feek, Wynn Varble
Time – 2:54
Rating (Out of 10): 8/10
In their latest upbeat single which is yet to hook in radio Rory Feek hears from his lovely wife Joey that the one word he’d least like to – “Headache”.
Written with their friend and frequent writer Wynn Varble (‘Album Number Two’, ‘Cheater Cheater’ and ‘A Little More Country Than That’) after its a catchy, bright and breezy start, Rory after promising to do the household chores written on that “honey do list”, instead opts for a fishing trip but soon catches on that his beau may not be agreeable as Joey sings in the opening verse and then chorus:
Now you’re loading up your fishing gear sayin your buddies on his way, Before you pull out the drive, honey all I’m gonna say’
I feel a headache coming on, And I think this one’s a doozy, It might last all week long, So go on, have fun, have a good time, But remember while you’re gone, I feel a headache coming on’
That forthcoming birthday treat may be jeopardy too – “I had a big night all planed out just you and me alone” with a sly grin on her face she delivers in tongue-in-check fashion the ultimatum: ‘Hope you have more luck fishing then you will when you get home’
But if he’s dead set on going then that” headache” just might last some considerable time:
And I think this one’s a migraine. It might last all year long’
With its toe-tapping rhythm, crisp and tight production this fun dance-number with its lush steel hooks is proving to be a road hit favourite with the fans, especially the women folk! “Since the day we wrote it, this song has been nothing but fun for Rory and I. We’ve been playing it out on the road for several months and the crowds have just loved it.” chirps Joey.
But how does it end up for Mr. Feek after the “I’m warning you for your sake” line? Well good and bad really. After waving off his angling mates there are jobs to do but that sexy red negligee she tantalizingly dangles before his eyes was all the bait Joey needed to reel her man in:
Haha honey I thought you see it my way’
This single will appear on the likeable country duos third album which is due early in 2012.
Fish this one out; it’s well worth a spin and a grin!

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