Joe Mullins And The Radio Ramblers – Industrial Strength Bluegrass

CD Review: Joe Mullins And The Radio Ramblers – Industrial Strength Bluegrass

By Stanley Mwene For Country Music News International Magazine

  1. Righting, Rt.23
  2. Vision
  3. Suzanne
  4. From Life’s other Side
  5. A face in the crowd
  6. When He Blessed My Soul
  7. The Rolling Mills of Middletown
  8. Family Reunion
  9. Mountain Strings
  10. Stone Walls and Steel Bars
  11. Are you Missing Me?
  12. Once More
  13. Barefoot Nelllie
  14. Garden Tomb
  15. Baby Blue Eyes
  16. We Will Head Back to Harlan

Little History of Joe Mullins And The Radio Ramblers

Joe Mullins was born and raised in Southwestern Ohio. Mullins and recorded as a member of the Traditional Grass, the band he founded with his father, from 1983 until 1995. In the year 200, Mullins formed his band The Radio Ramblers to promote his radio stations.

Joe Mullins And The Radio Ramblers have consistently delivered chart-topping radio hits and powerful performances for about 15 years. The Radio Ramblers are seen by tens of thousands of bluegrass fans every year.

Reading, Rightin’, Rt 23. The song starts; when he remembers right 23, the child had to wait in the streets. When he knows on the high to the world of miserly. He has never been down to Turkey ways. Has he ever been to her?

There were back calling those months. They need just to understand her. She is back really. Then he read right her. Then he brought right 23. They had good right, they have never seen. They know her way leading to the round of miserly.

Has she ever seen both kids in the college? He wondered. The little brain kids in her arms. She needed to say she was blessed with the children. When he remembers right 23, she is back to him. They actually need to come back together. They will bring right 23, take the good lucky they have seen.

They need to know they have been to the world of miserly. They need to live back back home.

Vision. This is also an amazing love song. He has been to the battle as she is more running. He knows she is lying. She had been examining him as a bar man when they envisioned. She said, she was going to leave him. He carried heavy stones (he was so worried). With her sun lop he had to lean to her.

If it wasn’t for Diana, she was her punishment. He could just know her way. He said to choose ‘babe’ and it was true. One thing he knew; she was no longer hers. He had become confused. He could have been happy if she could have been with her.

Suzanne. The song starts……sing song on Friday night drinking a little beer which Suzanne was in. There was like Suzanne had nobody near. Suzanne go down the road. Suzanne, he likes seeing you smart, please talk to him for a while.

Everything in the morning, comes to him. He remembers Suzanne. He wants her to smile. She needs to stay with him to be kind. He sought to meet her every time. They had to go down the road. Suzanne, he likes seeing her smile. She needs to talk to her for a while.

From Life’s Other Side. Love is to show to worry about for you have to go. It is mad long time. From the top of the world to the age of tomorrow. So to you to my heart was no one at my near. But something was wrong. She did no say that. For she let no one for her plan of tomorrow. She had let me down.

Love was too sad for the day they had to travel some. Bring his love to her for they were to try. If something is not done, he is worried for tomorrow and he is going to worry. Love was too sad. There is no need at all. In so doing, all was do define for a general man. She is praying for the journey with him.

So, really for the, envisioned tomorrow for who may be wrong and saw it to why for a picture of word ‘no’.  What a wonderful of she. From the love of the sun, for they have today. Love is tonight, for he needs to entrust something to be done.

Then he gonna to walk. Love is too sad. For something to change for tomorrow, then he gonna the world.

Larry Sparks Medley/Dark Hollow

It is also an amazing love song. So go your way soveign train. Take for the train, he is about the way. He is going to come back. He had rather be somewhere. When she will never shine, he gonna be alone. There come ‘mama’ take far in the train.

He is gone today but is coming back. They seem crying……lots of love. Are you already indeed, it arouses him back? Round the black, he will be okay. No one seems noticing. No one wants back when she tried to love him.

Has she changed crying with pain? He wonders. Her heart for now wants. He knew she loves one but now, he was facing a crime. He got morning feeling good. What she wants, is to sit back with all goods take up down. Sweet justice has to proceed (he will remain in prison for some time) as she is going to be missing him.

As he is gone, what will she do? She wonders. She seemingly needs to start new. She is sweet back. Justice has to proceed. The song is so touching.

When He Blessed My Soul. This is an amazing Christian song. The song is tuned; Jesus washes my sins away. He blesses my soul when may be home. Since it’s a happy day, I’m telling you a story. He will wash my sins. He will wash my soul.

At mountain kingdom, He will make me holy. It shall be holy to the Lord King. He will bless my soul. Jesus make my spirit. In the glorious morning, he blesses my soul. He will make me holy. Every to wrong, he will tell a story. He will wash my sins away. He will take my sins.

He is the king and He will enter into my soul. It shall be glory to the king. Jesus held me in a glorious. He blesses my soul and make me holy. Every sins will be cleansed. He will wash my sins. To the Lord, it shall be holy. He will bless my soul.

The Rolling Mills of Middletown. The rolling mills of Middletown, rolling, rolling. I know it well from my town, into dark away, we are to her. Back to the young days, I knew he should marry. Then later on, she expects a child. He got a child he could stay.

She still would be found and he made a cry. She shaped about everything she did. He helped her found the people. As it was just about to take her. One nightfall, he missed her. He stopped into a little bar. His woman had someday time. He knew in his mind; she must have stopped. No one knew exactly what took place. Some said, there was a need to track her fan’s number one.

Family Re Union. The amazing music starts…..come on come on to the family we are, we are with mother and she loves me. It might be the last time they meet. Now mother is sick, she is telling me she can go now (might die). She loves her children, and she wants them near her. Come on come on to the family re union.

Come on to the family reunion. It might be the last time we meet. What could we do the dead happy end. So why don’t you give them today while she is still living and to see her children.

Come on to the family re union, with mother’s ending, is so sweet. It might be the last time we meet.

Mountain Strings. It is a beautiful song tuned with powerful guitars. There are singing voices heard. The tunes of the guitars can be accompanied by slow body movements. It is an amazing song which can enjoyed while relaxing. The mountain string song take s duration of 3:43

Stone Walls and Steel Bars. This is also an amazing song. Stone walls and steel bars never had my bar. I am three-time loser. James stood my way.

While she could leave nothing (my life). For he had come for a long time. No more stone walls knew ‘mama’. I am three times loser. Were you able indeed to go back? He wonders.

Go and lead my way. I had to come in and lead your life. No more steel walls oh ‘mama’. I am three times loser no more this time.

Are You Missing Me?  It is an awesome love song. It starts; today I kissed you, you went home good mum? He enquires. Your lips told me that you will wait, but you left seeing me though you told me you were to see me.

Oh you went home. Neither do I know if you are missing me! I still can’t believe if it is true. Oh you went home with me only. Neither do I go, darling, are you missing me?

He is saying it is time you should have me that we go home time together. Neither do I know darling you are missing me.

Once More. It is also an awesome love song…..Once more to be with you, just dear for tonight. To hold you tight once more. You lack the fortune. For holding, I don’t want to keep us apart.  I am crazy. I will be with you. Oh I love you. For I need to hold you. I don’t want us to be apart. I am crazy, I will be with you. Just give me your heart.

Once more, I need to be with you dear just tonight to hold you tight. Once more, give me a fortune if I can’t see you.

Bare Foot Nellie. It is a fast paced song tuned with powerful guitars. The singers at the background can be heard pronouncing words very fast.  The song goes on to say; I had barefoot Nellie. As long as naked, I checked and I have never seen. Barefooted again, barefooted.

I just wonder, with time so the man sitting behind. Barefooted Nellie you want from me. I belong to some grave. Nellie’s want some blues from me (she wants him).

Garden Tomb. It is a beautiful Christian song; When Mary saw Jesus, she thought he was the keeper of the tomb! He looked at her too. She knew he was Jesus when he turned and said; “go and tell my disciples I have risen today”.

One morning, I had to break love too to my mum. They will need to know Jesus was despised one day. But he had risen from the tomb. When they stood up to look at the tomb, once a living among the dead will, for Jesus had risen.

One morning, he had to break the tomb and the glory of God will come. Jesus had risen. When Mary told Peter that Jesus had gone, she ran chanting Jesus had gone. Only one morning Jesus broken the tomb. Yes, Jesus had risen!

Baby Blue Eyes.  This is a love song….I want to live and never forget you and further what we have to have done. I can’t forget the kiss you gave me. Always missing you ‘babe’. I always kiss. Mary, I love you.

I still love you ‘babe’. You are beautiful. One day is done and I wish I was handsome man. I love you. I am haunted by you ‘babe’. I always keep you Mary in my mind. I still love you. I am up to you ‘babe’. I keep smiling and looking for you. It can only be you ‘babe’. I always keep remembering you.

We Will Head Back to Harlan. This is also another awesome love song; I am missing my love by working my ‘babe’ taking ross my baby. Today, I am returning with ross I gave you. I must share my heart with you because I’m hungry with love.

Now, I pack supper until tomorrow. I don’t how to spend time with you because I am called tomorrow. Working days are standing longer (he will be missing her). We have to pack and hug so far.

I am now turning back stronger. We had to part times. Remember, I have work but we love each other. We live good life. I need to pack because I’m leaving tomorrow. I know how painful it is. When working days are over, I will need to come back. Now, we help to pack honey and that is so far.










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