Jimmy Clay Frizzel – Where Do I Go From Here

CD Review: Jimmy Clay Frizzel – Where Do I Go From Here

By Stanley Mwene For Country Music News International Magazine

  1. Where Do I Go From Here
  2. Think of Me
  3. I’m Not Blue
  4. I Know You Love Me
  5. Hillbilly Heaven
  6. It Could Be Love
  7. Let The Ice Cut Whiskey
  8. Ain’t Love Something
  9. Long Gone Women
  10. The Cheatin’ Song
  11. Texas Hold Em’
  12. My Crazy Life/ Alone To Cry

Little History of Jimmy Clay Frizzel.

Jimmy Clay Frizzel is a nephew to Allen and David Frizzel who wrote the liner notes.  To the fans of Jimmy Clay Frizzel, you won’t be disappointed with his amazing songs.

Where Do I Go From Here. I wish then I can walk away and leave a memory behind. But something again, then you gonna make again you know the memory again. Stand again every door, life will never be the same like I was before. We do a go from here, same to save me a long

I walk the flooring night, and as I recover home, a cry to you. But I never lie, we do go a far. Start over again, is a long way to go.  Please to start as I say, are sometimes hard. Owing to the difficulty, is a long that I can do, a hard to start I know. Is then I know you.

Where do I from here since you left me again. I walk the floors every night, and I recover home, it is really difficult. I cry for you. Where do I go from here? I will always remember you as I go from here. It is a love song. The man still loves the girl.

Think of Me.This is also another amazing love song. Is this the way she smiles; you can now help to smile. You are like the day, you are the one for me. It was so hard to have to set you away. As the heart sunk me, I will say. Still more beautiful sunshine or the cloudy day, you know I still love you. Even take you away.

My heart desire is open to you and pleased to stay. Every way, she goes, it would be hard lacking you. If you ever know, you would make me happy. I know how I will feel to the new love. Wonderful loving heart. So it feels so important, as you are the only hope just I had.

If you ever be mine, it could be a beautiful day. If you were the only to make me happy.

I’m Not Blue. This is an awesome love song……If I have found you, I will always blow. And long over time, now I say, a blunder no more. This time, I love you. They say a breaking heart, only makes stronger. That way, I am making you love. Indeed, you kill me. You told me my heart too make a smile I know.

Fan and love are the best. You may be missing this special man. As been with you, you will be my favorite ‘babe’. They say broken heart are only made strong. Darling, I am leaving. Lie all around. Darling, you kill me heart too, because of you.

I Know You Love Me. You call me lazy then don’t call me crazy. You know, I know you. Say love is gone. We can go. You can make me crazy. I know you love me. You can never. I remain firm. Now, here you go but no shall, I don’t know why we got to play this game. You said you are going. You said I move on and you are calling me crazy.

But I am sure you love me. I know you love me for sure. I I love from me for sure. Call your love your love for sure. I love from me… but you love, you said. I love you and you love me. Watch your love what you say. Calling I love you, is what you say.

Hillbilly Heaven. This is a love song starting by counting; one, two, three…. Then there is there is flashing hillside, on the earth. Says I am stuck rock down. There is eye call and brings free, there is hillbilly heaven. It’s another one man stands last to venture. All men are they hillbilly heaven.

Last night we saw, a cool down in something in real join me. All you can say when I am ready. Hillbilly heaven had to say, it’s you to believe in heaven. There is another one standing last to enjoy. Don’t remain a bay and wondering. Wondering came to the show. He sat down and that was very first down.

Hillbilly heaven Make end going. Another one understands for us to enjoy. All will make my babe midnight enjoying. Hillbilly make my babe a cradle to ring.

It Could Be Love. We have been kissing for three days loving. We love always. We have been holding each other tight. And loving iis so light. It could be love you never know. Could be morning just the other day when I shall that know man do in your way I do.

Still I am hoping in my heart that there is love be than you start and be. If you are willing, try and understand. I could be your man. I could be your love. You just never hang around. It could be just stay more than one shall that no man does. Any way it goes, I will keep in. We have been kissing for three days. It ia a beautiful love song.

Let The Ice Cut The Whiskey. There we are at a favorite bar; you hardly touch the pan.  Now I can tell and know something is now a lie. If you got something, oh I know now. If you are afraid, let us have a whiskey and give to me please. Let the ice cut the whiskey. Now take it. It may be hard going down but the best I can, is ensure I can.

I don’t think we share . Let us cut the whiskey and give it to mistress. Maybe we just came and order from the bar. We decided to leave alone and you bear and take a car, as I can give the tax home. As you drink. Let us cut the whiskey and give to mistress.

Let us cut the whiskey and take it like man. Maybe, I go alone and do the best again. It is show time I don’t think we can work again. Let us cut the whiskey and give to mistress.

Ain’t Love Something. Ain’t something I love that make you feel so hard. Let’s play your ways and take to the sky. Straight to the clouds, and tell you are on the cloud now. Let us feel it, with you are mine. She is his and free. No one he can find again. Let her stop by his sideway and heed to him. She was her every day and she has feelings for him.

She left him with nothing and loves something. She is something he loves and always burns in him. And maybe, she feels down. He will make her feel warm. Like she can lie down and die, oh that is how he is feeling. Right then and lying, she is belonging to him and feeling, no one he can find.

She stood by his side and he needs her too. She was his everything and has feelings for him. She left him with nothing. She loves something. Oh she left him with nothing. She loves him. It is an amazing love song.

Long Gone Woman. This is a love song. Hey child killer, it’s all now nothing you can do can change her mind. She is very down to other things. It is all sad watching leaving. You will be left. Forget staying around. Her arms are all the time and warming. Tell her, she is mine. So don’t talk to her.

Get self-start. She is a long gone woman and she won’t be back. The blood is love, you will be over her that meant she said, she is over you. Then it takes time love her is too late gone. It is gonna send you down lying low. Forget she is still around. Her arms are down when I found her.

Tell her she is a busy man if she belongs mine. Give yourself little start. She is a long gone woman and she won’t be back.

The Cheatin’ Song. She will cheat no him. She knows him. He means she was ready cheating him. That not him to complain. Yes, that is driving him a side. But he already knows what she knows. What she is doing he knows. She is cheating on him. She knows him.

He means she will cheat no him around. If she was sure she was, she could be easy. He found her, she is away together. If she did not know, He really mean she will cheat no him. She was staying around with those friends oh she knows him. Well, she knows him.  She was hanging around but she can’t chat him. She can hang around with those friend, but she can’t cheat him.

Texas Hold Em’. Black star roses, see champing you are in your knees again. And you said you are messing with Texas. Take a lot once again so happy you go always. She doesn’t care it you lose your way. Before the fab is over, he will reverse down.

Show him gone with another one. As many different addiction, he may get hold down. Like says, jobs and alcohol. You worry in the first time you saw him. Get that number to make that call. Taking a lot take is over. So you go worrying. She doesn’t care if you lose your way. Before the fab is over, and reverse down.

Should be gone with another line before reverb is over, and reverse down. Should be gone with another line.

My Crazy Life/Alone To Cry.This is an amazing love song…. I love you too much come back to me. Since I lost all my friends, they are lost. I don’t think they even know I’m feeling so much pain. I crazy life struggling even say. I only saw sweetheart just a little far away. We llive along the pain. I can’t trace these friends and are the ones leading to a crime.

My crazy life is travelling me in saying. Sometimes, I think I saw her and she murdered eyes. I myself, as to turn it back to you red range behold on, maybe I again we will only be there. My craze life is driving me insane. My only sweet heart is just a little shy. Together we love and belong down.

We may even fright and again love for we are trying. Oh my craze life is driving me insane. I don’t know where she went. She just left me here. Then she is gone I love her. Lying here not knowing what to do. She just vanished leaving me with a lot of pain (missing her).

Back in my chest, I could weigh her. I don’t know plainly where she is. Shall I roll down and leave behind these two heavy hearts. But I am stuck inside that small shine.  However, how strong I need to be, I don’t know where she went. She just left me.









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