TN-6.22.14)  Country Music has suffered another devastating loss with the
passing of Grand Ole Legend and my dear friend, Jimmy C. Newman.  Jimmy C.
passed away yesterday evening.  I ask you to keep his wife Mae and family
in your thoughts and prayers as they suffer through this great loss.
find it very difficult as I have in the pass when we lose such a great person. 
My thoughts are filled with sadness and I am not sure if I know the words to
express how I feel.  Lately, we have lost so many of our great legends,
and now this loss of my great friend, finds me searching for words to say what
is in my heart.  I have known Jimmy C. and his wife Mae for over 40 years
that I have been in the music industry and he is the kindness, most sincere
person I have ever know.  They have been my dear friends for all of these
years and as I slowly try to write I am not having an easy time choosing the
words that I feel need to be written.  I hope  you will forgive me
for not being able to convey the sadness I feel at this time.  I am trying
to say what I feel, but I am finding that the words are not coming easy. 
I think of the sadness that Miss Mae and family are going through at this
time.  I know that Jimmy C. is no doubt in heaven, and knowing him the way
I do, he no doubt is trying to teach our Blessed Lord some of his Cajun
can I say about this blessed man that has not already been written and
said.  Jimmy C. and Mae were an example of friends that Webster’s
dictionary cannot explain.  Their friendship was one that was treasured by
all those who were his friends, and I was lucky to be able to say that he and
Mae are my friends.  I know I am not using the right words that I want to
say, but Jimmy C. Newman and Mae have been my dear friends for so long that
sometimes words do not come easy, and in this case the words are not coming the
way I want to write them, so please forgive me for having this difficult time. 
I wish I could write what I feel but I am not doing too well at this
time.  For all those who know Jimmy C. and Mae, I think you know what I am
trying to say.  His passing is a great loss to his family, friends, the
country music industry, and his many, many fans. 
MUSIC HAS LOST ITS PATRIARCH, and I don’t think that he can be replaced,
but I know that he has left a great legacy to his music and we have all lost a
dear friend, a special human being.  I am absolutely positive that as I
write these words, Jimmy C. Newman is with his Master in Heaven.
C. and Mae were two special people in my life.  They gave me their
friendship when I needed it the most during difficult times, and they gave it
to me with no reservations.  They gave me advice when I asked for it, and
the word friendship to them was a strong and meaningful word that they lived
by.  I was blessed to be able to be their friend.
do not have funeral arrangements at this time, but as soon as I receive that
information I will pass it on immediately.  I am sure the Grand Ole Opry
webpage will have details before I do.  Again, please keep Miss Mae and
family in your prayers, as I know that prayers at this time will be their
strength to guide them through their loss.
C. REST IN PEACE. Jimmy C. Newman Video Interview by Christian Lamitschka


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