Jimmie Rodgers Father of Country Music

26th will mark 81 years of the passing of my idol, Jimmie Rodgers. 
What an incredible legacy this small unpretentious man left behind, not
only in his music, but in the manner he presented it.  He was so
different as a superstar of country music than today’s ‘let’s pretend’
artists.  Rodgers was a real-deal.  What you heard is what you got, no
loud overbearing production hiding his voice or his nuances. No ‘box’ to
sing through that the wealthy young pretend artists use today so they
can sound on key.  No phony audiences or charts or popularity contests
(oh yes they are as phony today as they have ever been), or ratings. 
Rodgers was what he was, and that was an incredibly gifted performer of
classic simple melodious ‘country’ music.  I’d prefer to call it ‘rural’
music today so as not to confuse it with the globs of nothing being
offered under that name in today’s music world.  Rodgers influenced all
kinds of musical people.  Today’s artists influence no one.  Rodger’s
became known as the ‘Father of Country Music’ and left behind a musical
legacy which is still relevant in today’s culture.  You can still hear
his plaintive style from hundreds, if not thousands, of Americana
artists.  Can we truthfully say that about any of the so-called country
artists today?  Sorry about that, it doesn’t exist.  I’m afraid if you
asked some of today’s wealthy country so-called stars about Jimmie
Rodgers, they would neither know who he is, or how to spell his name.

Bob Everhart for Country Music News International

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