Jim Whitman, the yodeling entertainer!

Whitman, the yodeling entertainer!

Whitman is for quite a long time on the music road, he always loved
it and in the United Kingdom, you could say he was popular for many
years. In these years he wrote a lot of songs and he can cre
an impressive list of albums to his account.
he was young at age, he grew up and listened to the great sounds of
the 50’s and 60’s and that inspired him so much, that he took his
guitar and played. His favorites artists has been Elton Britt, Kenny
Roberts, and of course Slim Whitman.
discovered one day that he could yodel. Everybody can learn how to
yodel, if he is willing to practice a lot, if he has some feeling for
music and of course you need a little bit of talent to do so. When
you combine these three characteristic traits, you are able to find
your way into yodeling, and Jim certainly got these quality´s. He
was filing at this talent, practices a lot, and finally groomed and
tailored it into a certain kind of perfection. Not only…but also –
Practicing – pays off, and Jim Whitman has been in the Guinness
book of records twice with his yodeling talent in 1989 & 1990.
certainly has nurtured yodeling in these years and it is a notable
and mentionable part of his live performances. Throughout the years
he found his way in country music, he had his own style and went his
own direction, keeping up in mind, to be his self, be a tough cookie
and to keep his chin up. He has established himself as a singer,
performer and songwriter, with an abundance of independent
a lot of successful albums, the people liked him and when he was
playing, many of the places have been sold out, when he appeared. Jim
Whitman has certainly earned his place in Country Music, with his
repertoire, ranging from traditional to modern country, and a wide
range of his own Irish ballads.
Whitman lives now in Nashville TN, he is married to a lovely lady
from the Philippines by the name of Iezl and he has gathered a lot of
fans worldwide around his name, because he went his special way on
country music lane.
can find more information about Jim Whitman under the following
Article by Gaby Agrikola
for Country Music News International

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