Jessica Lynn Explains Her Debut Album: ‘Lone Rider’

American Country Music Star Jessica Lynn Explains Her Debut Album: ‘Lone Rider’

By Ismaila M.S. Naban for Country Music News International Magazine

American Country music star, Mrs. Jessica Lynn has made good on her promise of releasing her much-awaited debut album-'Lone Rider'- in September, this year.
It could be recalled that in our interview with the well-known artist, also praised as a “rocket force”, few months ago, the New Yorker has disclosed that, "My debut album comes out this September 9th called Lone Rider!  My last 4 song EP I released called “Reimagined” which is acoustic piano versions of some of my most popular songs, actually charted #6 in country music on the day of release and #47 all genre.  I felt very proud!"

And, now the Album, which she acknowledges to be a big part of her story, is out and has since galvanised huge admiration for Jessica and her music.
Responding to our questions on the release of the 'Lone Rider Album'; the number of songs contained therein; and public reception of the debut album, the country star told us there are "13 songs on the album".

She continued to explain: "Lone Rider is also the name of one of the songs on the record. Being a New Yorker, trying to break in to the country music scene has certainly presented me with a lot of challenges, a lot of naysayers, and a need for paving my own path. Lone Rider is a song about that. About forging forward on your own. It has been a big part of my story."
According to Madam Lynn, the "public perception has been amazing! The record charted in incredibly high".

Providing some salient aspects of the new Album, she indicates that: "On release weekend, “Lone Rider” hit the top of the charts. On Amazon Music, as the only female and independent artist in the Top 5, Jessica reached the #1 spot in both the USA & UK, as well as #5 all genre in the US and #3 in the UK. 

"On iTunes, the release also charted in the US at #5 in country music and #17 all genre, as well as broke the Top 20 in Canada and the Top 50 in Belgium. 

"Furthermore, in Lone Rider’s debut week, the record charted at #41 on the Top Current Country Albums Chart by Music Connect / Billboard securing Jessica’s spot as the only independent artist in the Top 45."

Born in Brooklyn, New York and grew up in Westchester, New York, Mrs. Jessica Lynn comes from a musical family, who is now in her family band. 
As she told us in our last interview, "My mom is my background singer, my Dad is my bassist, and my husband is my lead guitarist.

"I grew up in the typical Italian-American household and I always loved working with people and children so on top of my music career I actually have a Master’s degree in education."
She plays many instruments--piano, guitar, drums, and a little bit of harmonica; disclosing "I always just loved how guitar looked on stage and how you could move around so much with it!"
Seen by millions on the road and in your full-length nationwide concert television specials, the artist had said also that, unlike a lot of artists, her career started with a full-length television concert special that aired nationwide on TV. 

Hear her: "We never expected my show to do that and become so popular. It was such an amazing experience getting to put the music with a visual presentation to introduce me to new audiences. I have had 3 full-length concert specials since then."

Jessica, who has shared stages with some of the most recognizable names in country and rock music among them, Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, Richard Marx, and Montgomery Gentry, also explained:"Getting to play with artists I have looked up to my whole life has been really incredible. I’ve had so many amazing experiences getting to learn from them and playing to their audiences and experiencing their friendship and kindness. 

"It is always very rewarding getting to open for artists you look up to because it makes you really appreciate all of your hard work and journey that got you there!"

One striking thing about the female country star is that she's  so very lucky to have such a supportive family that has always encouraged her to follow her dreams from such a young age.  
She acknowledged, "Getting to tour around the world with them is an amazing experience that not many people get to have."

Jessica is also an advocate for the United States military, the arts, animals, and as a mentor for young women and children worldwide, the United Nations once invited her to a ‘Women’s Entrepreneurship Day’. 

She told this medium it has always been really important for her to give back and find a sense of community within her career. 

"Ever since I was little, I have volunteered consistently at animal shelters, children’s hospitals, and as my career has grown I have done a lot of mentorship for young artists.  It is when I feel the happiest…making a difference," she argued.

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