Jeremy McComb’s New Single, “13 Steps”

Country Artist Jeremy McComb’s New Single, “13 Steps”

Chronicles Life on Death Row in Folsom State Prison

Country rocker Jeremy McComb’s visit to Folsom State Prison yielded more than just a rare tour last year. The visit inspired his new death-row ballad, “13 Steps,” a dark tale co-written by McComb and Dan Olsen. Produced by Nick Gibbens, the new single is available through all digital streaming platforms today.

A death-row ballad in the vein of bleak classics like Johnny Cash’s “25 Minutes to Go,” “13 Steps” was written from the perspective of an inmate after a friend gave McComb a tour of Folsom State Prison. Combining the actual process used to execute 93 inmates and the story of one still-incarcerated man on the inside, “13 Steps” is a true-to-life saga.

“On death row, there are 13 cells. As people get hanged, the next person would move up to the next cell,” McComb explains. “Then another cell, then another, until you got to the end and it was your turn. They take you up 13 steps to a platform and hang you with a noose that had 13 knots on it, so [my friend] asked me, ‘Do you know why everything in here is 13?’ I had no idea, but he said ‘It’s 12 for the jury and one for the judge. So every one of these steps symbolizes a person who sent you to die.’ It blew my mind.”

In addition to touring from coast to coast, McComb has been writing and recording songs for his next album scheduled for release next year. He recently released his six-track collection “Frontier Rock,” produced by Nick Gibbens.

About Jeremy McComb:
Born and raised in Idaho, McComb has been touring relentlessly honing his live performance skills for over a decade. In addition to being a touring musician, he has worked in radio as a music director and tour-managed comedy sensation, Larry The Cable Guy. His album/EP releases include “My Side of Town” (2008), which yielded the Billboard charting single, “Cold”; “Leap And The Net Will Appear” (2011); and “FM” (2016). When not on the road performing, McComb is at home in Nashville with his wife Kourtney Hansen who played “Emily” on the Hit TV show “Nashville” and his kids Kennady, Knox & Ryker.
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