Jayme Xaya Country Single ‘Bus Stop’

Amazing Singer/Songwriter Jayme Xaya is taking a stand for refugees with his new Country single ‘Bus Stop’
Jayme, who many know from his People’s Choice Obama inauguration song ‘Time for Change has Come’ and cult-hit Julia (Tango) started a unique musical journey beginning of this year.. In 11 Months time, Jayme is releasing 11 brand-new Songs, all written and recorded by himself. Every 2nd Tuesday of the Month a new single is released World-Wide, something no other Recording Artist has ever done before ! We already where overwhelmed by his new Country smash hits like ‘My Lucky Day’ , ‘When Love is for Fools’ and what about breath taking ‘Holdin’ on to You’
With Song 10 (October) ‘Bus Stop’ you can hear (and see if you hit play on the cool Video player on www.jaymexaya.com  ) the pure passion and emotions Jayme puts in his composing, and that he is truly connected to the meaning of the Words. Especially with a Song like ‘Bus Stop’ that tells about life of a refugee, and what it means when you lost all in life you where living for. Inspiration came from talks with a Family member who closely worked in Refugee shelters, and would share about experiences and stories of the People.And now in a time that people are loosing their homes because of the problems we’re all facing these days, the song is telling the story and reaching out for understanding.
Giving this special Song the wings it deserves, Jayme combines forces with refugee organisations World-Wide, and all profit of the Song’s single sales on iTunes will go to Refugee Support ! More on www.busstop4all.com  
Jayme Xaya , a rising and talented Singer/Songwriter to look out for !
Jayme’s music is available in iTunes www.itunes.com/jaymexaya

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