Exclusive Debut on CMT on Friday March 30th
     NASHVILLE, TN (March 26, 2012)–Toolpusher Records’ artist Jason Sturgeon is kicking off the release of his racing new single, “Time Bomb,” with a fast-paced new video featuring Sprint Series World of Outlaws “King,” and Tony Stewart Team driver, Steve Kinser. The video, directed by award-winning director Flick Wiltshire, will debut exclusively on CMT on Friday March 30th on CMT Pure, CMT.com, CMT Mobile and on the CMT Insider app for iPhone and iPad. The video airs wide on Saturday March 31st.
“Time Bomb,“ a no-holds-barred, wide- open-throttle of a tune, about living life in the fast lane, was written by Jason himself and is definitely autobiographical for the Indiana native, whose love affair with cars and motor sports has pretty much been a lifelong passion.  The song is also the theme for the 2012 Monster Truck Nationals Tour where Sturgeon is a special guest, bringing his version of country rock to each arena. The new tune and its accompanying video were created at pretty much the exact same time, according to Jason, who immediately pictured visuals that tout the unbridled energy of a live fast- die hard lifestyle.
“I was writing the song,” recalls Sturgeon, “and in the margin I was writing the template for the video at the same time and what I wanted to see at each certain point. So, the treatment was being written at the same time the song was. When I write I usually see visuals and somewhat of the story I’m telling… but this was different…it was like I could feel it. I’ve never lived a song to such a degree that with every line something visual was popping into my head. I had no real expectations, I just sat down started writing and this is what came out,” he admits, laughing.
Hailing from Indiana, Sturgeon immediately knew he wanted “King of the Outlaws” driver Steve Kinser to star in the song’s video and had some mutual friends introduce him to Steve so he could recruit him for the incendiary clip. Once Kinser signed on, the creative sparks flew and extremely close to the band in fact, since they were set up in a corner of the Tri-State Speedway track as Kinser zoomed past them over and over at breakneck speeds coming treacherously close.
“Basically I just wanted to capture the intensity that was going on but also, this guy has won 20 championships — he’s raced Sprint cars, he’s raced Indy cars, he’s a badass racer… and I wanted to pay homage and showcase him in this video. He drives a 900 horsepower motor in a 1500 pound car, reaching 100 plus on the straightaways. To have him blasting around us that fast was just unreal!” quips Sturgeon.
As a memento of the amazing day and a way to say “thank you” for his participation in the video, Jason presented Kinser with the Stratocaster guitar that he played during the shoot, which he had custom painted himself to match Kinser’s car. Kinser was thrilled to receive the special axe and promptly asked Jason to sign for him. See Jason’s labor of love here.
“This is such an amazing opportunity…you don’t get to do this with a guy who’s “King of the Outlaws” so I thought it would be cool if I had a guitar painted up like his car…plus, I wanted him to go away with something special. This guy has trophies upon trophies and I wanted him to have something that was different. So I figured that maybe he wouldn’t have a guitar that’s hand painted especially for him.  I sat down the night before the video and pulled this Strat apart and taped it up and painted it. I was putting it all back together at 4am on the morning of the shoot. It’s still got the dirt on it from the track! I handed it to him right after the shoot and he really seemed to like it. It was just an amazing day all around and we’ve actually become pretty good friends over the last few weeks,” says Sturgeon.
Fans eager to hear the new song will also be able to rock out to it as it plays during the show opening of every date on the 2012 Monster Truck Nationals Tour.  Jason will also perform it during pit parties at each tour stop, where he’ll play a mini-concert before each show and sign autographs for fans along with the drivers. The song is the first single from Jason’s forthcoming CD due out later this summer.
Jason Sturgeon with “King of the Outlaws” Steve Kinser.
Director Flick Wiltshire shooting performance footage of Jason Sturgeon on the set of “Time Bomb.”

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