Jamie O’Neal, Ty Herndon, Anita Cochran & Nikki Nelson

I caught a show Thursday night at The
Station Inn in Nashville. The club is off the beaten path and pretty
much undiscovered by tourists. The crowd is more of a music business
crowd and you’ll find country music stars sitting in the audience
enjoying the show along with everyone else.
The show was a benefit for the “Brown
Dog Charity”, an organization that cares for animals. It featured
an all-girl band and as is commonly found in Nashville, they were
studio musicians of the highest caliber and all gave stellar
performances. Another magic night in Music City.
Anita Cochran gave her normal superior
performance. She is a woman who knows her voice and is in complete
control of it. I’ve seen her perform before and knew what to
expect. I wasn’t disappointed.
A complete surprise to me was Michelle
Poe. This was the first time I’d seen her perform live and I found
her completely enchanting. She has a soft delicate voice and is a
total delight to listen to.
Jamie O’Neal took the stage and half
way through her first song, the audience was eating out of her hand.
They absolutely loved her. She is magic. Her personality simply
filled the room and all eyes were on her. It was like the air went
out of the room when she went offstage.
Ty Herndon was on and off stage helping
out with background vocals before he finally took the spotlight.
Vocally, Ty doesn’t miss a beat. He is a seasoned performer who
knows what he’s doing behind a microphone.
Nikki Nelson, lead singer for Highway
101, took the stage and did an excellent job. This is the first time
I’ve seen her perform and like everyone else, her performance was
The show was slated to end at 2300
hours and unfortunately I had made other plans. I say unfortunately
because the show went overtime and who should be the surprise guest
but Bekka Bramlett. I’ve seen Bekka many times before and she is
most soulful, compelling performer I’ve ever seen. Words can’t
do justice to any Bekka Bramlett performance. She is absolutely on a
level of her own without peers. Regretfully, I had to leave at the
start of her second song.
Nashville is an amazing place that is
never short of musical surprises.
Christian Lamitschka for Country Music News International Magazine

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