J.D. Shelburne – Two Lane Town

CD Review: J.D. Shelburne – Two Lane Town

by Antony Bailey for Country Music News International

Kentucky born and raised country artist J.D Shelburne recorded and released his second of four albums to date entitled ‘Two Lane Town’ on 27th July 2018. The EP is well worth listening to, adding to the playlist, and revisiting – especially with the ongoing situation around the world at this present time. The first song on the album is ‘Born For This’. J.D adds a personal touch to the tune as it touches on the topic that everybody is on their own personal trajectory through life.

Trying to find their purpose accounts for a large part of life’s journey and performing on stage is what J.D suggests he was born to do. ‘Good Ol’ Boy Good Time’ is a love story depicting a tale of two lovers going back and forth with the trials and tribulations of being in a relationship all while having a good time.

This leads us on to the following and one of the most prominent songs on the album entitled ‘She Keeps Me Up Nights’ where there is a slight drop in the tempo and a more intimate approach in the vocal deliverance. The track pushes a narrative on dating and attempting to attract a girl he likes only to be ignored and contacted on her terms as she is supposedly playing hard to get. Hence the name of the song, ‘She Keeps Me Up Nights’ and It would take someone with the same assertive, arrogant attitude to not suffer from sleepless nights in truth.

‘’One less bottle in this world cause of one less girl’’ is the repeated refrain in the chorus of the song ’One Less Girl’. The song takes the listener on an emotional roller coaster – encouraging its audience take a step back and reflect while feeling empowered and hopeful that they will one day find the love of their life.

Other songs such as ‘Stuck In My Memory’ takes you on a trip down memory lane as J.D revisits the teenage romance ingrained in his memory since ‘’June 4th, 1995’’. The song has sentimental value and has resonated with fans since it first reached the airwaves and is fair to say it is one of those tracks that will last the test of time.

The album comprised of 9 tracks has no doubt been a success and will live long in the memories as well as acting as a point of reference to country fans young and old for some time to come. J.D managed to showcase his vocal abilities all while being able to capture a sound that is characteristic of the country rock era that music lovers have been used to hearing on repeat over the last twenty years or so.

One of the primary reasons for the album being such a joy to listen to is that it is one that speaks for anybody who can share similar experiences of falling in and out of love regardless of whether or not they like to listen to country music. His latest album ‘Straight From Kentucky’ was released earlier this year on June 25 so be sure to stay tuned for more upcoming release dates from J.D and country artists situated across the globe.

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