Introducing Conny Conrad


recognized as one of the most influential and successful German
composers and can look back to over 1.000 radio and television

In 2001 he became honourful membership of the „International association of VIPs“ followed by their greatest award – THE GOLDEN GLOBE
in 2008! He is established on the music market since 45 years,
graduated by GEMA as extraordinaire composer and writer. He is also a
multi-instrumentalist, before all a highly recognized virtuous guitarist
and music producer.

For example he wrote the anthem for the athletics world championship
1993 „Hello Stuttgart Go“, the titletracks for the „Starclub-musical“ in
Hamburg performed by the Rattles 1997, the Anthem for the German
Olympic Team Sydney 2000 nominated by the German Sport Aid „Welcome to
Australia“, the worldwide released instrumental series „Dreamworld“, 
„Dream Spirits“, the german version of „Lemontree“ (Engel sterben nie),
the alternative European anthem „Europeana“  and many more – all in all
123 released CDs on more than 2,5 million units.

In 2010 he established the songproject for children  rights „Rock for
your children“ accompanied by national and international prominent
names of all genres and business.

His passion is orchestral heavy-art-prog-rock. First example: his
longplay „TROYA Project“ (1988) and second: „C.C.´s ARENA/The battle of
overmoun (1994)“. Last not least his english-german band   DARK OCEAN
(from 1999 to 2009).

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