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Interview with Sean Patrick McGraw

Interview with Sean Patrick McGraw

by Christian Lamitschka for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

Christian Lamitschka: I’m Christian Lamitschka and today I present you Sean Patrick McGraw. Sean, welcome to the show.
Sean Patrick McGraw: Hey, how we’re doing? (Wie gehts?)
Christian Lamitschka: You speak German?
Sean Patrick McGraw: Etwas. (somewhat).
Christian Lamitschka: So do you want to do the interview in German?
Sean Patrick McGraw: Nein. No. (laughing)
Christian Lamitschka: Sean, first question I have to ask you is, is Tim McGraw?
Sean Patrick McGraw: Who? Am I familiar or am I family. Well, we’re one big family aren’t we? One big human family?
Christian Lamitschka: But give us an idea he may be a well known relative.
Sean Patrick McGraw: He’s not claiming me as we would say. But he could be related down the line, but not close.
Christian Lamitschka: It doesn’t matter. Give us a better idea of who you are and what kind of music you are playing, so we know you a little better.
Sean Patrick McGraw: I’ve been out fronting a country band for six or seven years now. Was on a Show called Nashville Star in 2004; and ever since then we had a road band; playing ever little dive bar, honky tonk, college, back yard BBQ, Christening; and first communion that would have me since 2004. I’ve been making and producing my own records, just doing it the old fashioned hard way. Making fans and friends touring non-stop.
Christian Lamitschka: Touring non stop and making your own CD. Well that’s a hard job. Here is this new album, there are nine songs, probably most do at least ten or twelve.
Sean Patrick McGraw: Well, I’m special.
Christian Lamitschka: Oh yes, I believe that! You’re picky or just nine?
Sean Patrick McGraw: Nine’s enough.
Christian Lamitschka: Crowd, he loves to have only nine songs under his album, so they (songs) must be special. Tell us about your songs.
Sean Patrick McGraw: I wrote or co-wrote every song on my CD. These songs were all selected. It’s my sutt list from 2009’s Toby Keith America’s toughest tour. These songs have all been played in front of a lot of audiences before I decided to commit them to a record. I had a lot songs to chose from and whittled down to my nine favorites. So there’s no fillers; no soybean on this record, there’s no Hamburger Helper, it’s all red meat on this puppy right there. For the most part is up tempo and rocks pretty hard. There’s a few ballads.
Christian Lamitschka: What’s the favorite song on your new album?
Sean Patrick McGraw: “My So-Called Life” is my current single. I would say it’s my favorite up temp song on the record. There is another song that would follow up called “What I Do”, and artistically that would be my favorite song. I’m really proud of the lyric and the performances that the musicians gave on it I’m really proud of. If I had to give to someone one song represents who I am that would be the song.
Christian Lamitschka: For the fans that would be interesting to know how you spend your limited spare time.
Sean Patrick McGraw: (laughing) I don’t have any limited spare time. I am a want-to-be athlete, I try to keep myself in shape. I am a jogger and I play hockey and once in a great while I get to go fly-fishing.

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