Interview with SaraBeth

Interview with SaraBeth
Do you have any interesting stories about how fans have been affected
by your music?
I’ve been touched by the fact that many fans have played my song
“Forever” as their wedding song.  The fact that a
couple would want to use my song on such an important day in their
life and that every time they hear the song they’ll think of their
wedding really gets to me.  I feel blessed, honored, and a
little emotional about it!
Lamitschka: As
an artist, you do many tasks such as recording, touring, interviews.
What do you like best?  What’s your favorite activity?
SaraBeth: I
honestly love it all.  Every day is a different day, and things
are constantly changing.  I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve been
spending the majority of my time lately at radio stations, but if I
had to pick one thing, I’d say doing a radio tour is probably my
favorite.  You’re meeting the people who are behind your music
and believe in you enough to play your song for their listeners.
It’s great to meet new friends across the US!
Lamitschka: What
inspired you to become an artist?
SaraBeth: I
always loved music, but I fought my passion to become an artist for a
long time!  It was my younger brother, Jordan, who inspired me.
He plays professional baseball for the St. Louis Cardinals.  He
had always said that he wanted to play professional sports and he
followed his dream.  When he got drafted, I it made me ask
myself why I wasn’t following my dreams too.  
Lamitschka: What
drives you?
SaraBeth: I
think it’s a combination of things…passion, family, friends, and
fans.  It’s easy to stay driven when you are in love with what
you do.  I’m blessed beyond measure to wake up every day and
live my dreams!
Lamitschka: What
has been your greatest challenge in the music business?
SaraBeth: I
knew there were things going on behind the scenes in the music world,
but I never realized how much.  I think the greatest challenge
has just been the learning curve.  Starting my own record label
has required me to wear many hats.  Sometimes you feel like
you’re asking the dumbest questions, but if you don’t ask, you’ll
never know!  
Lamitschka: When
you get time off, how do you relax?
SaraBeth: I’m
sure to some it won’t sound too relaxing, but I LOVE running.  Right
now I’m training for a Marathon Relay that I’ll be doing with my
family in France this coming November!
Lamitschka: When
you’re on tour, do you have time to play tourist?
SaraBeth: I’m
definitely willing to give up sleep to see the sights when I’m in a
new city! I view life as an ongoing adventure, and I’m notorious for
making spontaneous stops when time allows!  Recently we were in
Oklahoma and stopped at The Action Figure Museum.  The next day
we had the afternoon off and visited the Wichita Zoo.  Both of
those were much more exciting than just sitting at the hotel!     
Lamitschka: What’s
the best compliment a fan has ever given you?
SaraBeth: When
someone tells me I sound just like I do on my CD or better…that is
the absolute best feeling!  I always want to give the fans the
best show I can.
Lamitschka: Many
fans today get their information about artists online.  Do you
have your own website and what will fans find there?
SaraBeth: You
can find anything and everything about me at
Everything from music, videos, social media, pictures,
bio…it’s all there!
Lamitschka: Describe
what a perfect day is like for you.
SaraBeth: A
perfect day to me could be so many things!  I am perfectly
content spending a day by myself or with my friends.  The day
would definitely start with a good cup of coffee, a run, and going
everywhere in sweat pants!

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