Interview with Ryan Beaver

Interview with Ryan Beaver


Music has many new fans throughout Europe who may be hearing about
you for the first time. How would you describe yourself and the music
you play to someone who has never seen or heard you?

Ryan Beaver:  I
try my best to make music with integrity. Music that comes from my
perspective of this crazy world we all live in. Traces of country,
rock, soul, and blues can all be found in my songs as I am influenced
by the music that has inspired me to make my own.

Lamitschka:  How
was the last year for you? What were your highlights?

Ryan Beaver:
Last year was a great year for perspective. I looked back on the
previous five years of playing, recording, and touring and realized
how grateful I truly am to have the fans and team around me. Their
support keeps me going when things seem to be slow. I made some big
decisions on my future and I’m trying to put new songs together for a
new record.

Lamitschka:  What
is your latest CD and how’s it doing?

Ryan Beaver:  My
last record is called “Constant”. It was a big step for me
and a great learning period too. I think people really started to
take hold of my music and what I was doing among the other talented
songwriters out there. It helped shape me into the songwriter I am
trying to be.

Lamitschka:  How
did you choose the title for the CD?  Is there a story behind
the name?

Ryan Beaver:
Constant was chosen as the title because music is a “Constant”
thing in my life. I’ve always been drawn to it and that has never

Lamitschka:  Do
you write the songs yourself? If not, how do you go about finding the
songs for your CD?

Ryan Beaver:  I
write my own songs. It would be a shame to miss out on the writing
process because it’s so therapeutic. That may be why I started
writing in the first place. I do love to hear other people’s songs
and I wouldn’t be afraid to record a song that I really liked, even
if I didn’t write it.

Please tell us about the songs on your album (influences, etc).

Ryan Beaver:  You
Don’t Need Much is definitely influenced by early motown love songs I
heard growing up. Nobody Wants To Be Alone is sort of a Tom Petty
vibe rocker. I try not to think too much about the songs and their
influences but some are just easy to spot.

Lamitschka:  What
is the difference between your last CD and your current one?

Ryan Beaver:  The
difference between my two records has simply been time and maturity
as a songwriter. Both records are definitely me but I can tell a
major difference in the songwriting approach. Sonically they both
sound great and I’m very proud of the way they turned out.

Lamitschka:  Your
current single is being played by radio. What do you feel is special
about this song that makes people want to hear it?

Ryan Beaver:
It’s called Hate and I think it’s very relatable because everyone
feels anger at times. It’s an emotion that fuels the song about a
woman who cheats on a guy. Anyone who has ever experienced that will
grasp the lyrical content and emotion.

Lamitschka:  What
will your next single be?

Ryan Beaver:  It
will be from my next record. I have no idea what song it will be but
I can guarantee it will be something I feel strongly about since it
will be a single. You have to believe in the songs you send to radio.

Lamitschka:  What
kind of songs do you like to record the most?

Ryan Beaver:  I
like to record songs with something to them and not just a
meaningless melody, title, and phrase. I want to be able to relate
just as much as people do.

Lamitschka:  You
did a duet with Kacey Musgraves. How did that happen to come about?

Ryan Beaver:  I
did a duet with Kacey Musgraves on my first record. She has a great
voice and I’ve known her a long time so it seemed appropriate at the
time. It turned out really cool and was a song called, “I
Thought I Knew”.

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