Interview with Nathan Stanley

Interview with Nathan Stanley
CL: Could you please introduce yourself to the Country Music Fans in Europe who might be hearing about you for the first time.
NS: Yes of course. When I was two years old I began playing with my grandfather Blue Grass Legend Ralph Stanley, who is now celebrating his 65th year in the music business. I started out playing the Spoons, then went on to play the Mandolin. I tried the five-string banjo, didn’t succeed on it and went to guitar. Now I’m singing lead with his band Clinch Mountain Boys and playing rhythm guitar. During those early years, I recorded several blue grass gospel projects with him and the Band, which done really well. Now, we travel all around the world.
CL: You have a new album out, “My Kind Of Country”. What inspired you to the title album?
NS: I love traditional country music, the way it sounded about 30 and 40 years ago. I call it real country music. Wanting to go way back and create an album that introduces me into the country music industry. I figured I would do an album of songs people would recognize, which some are old favorites. Songs like “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” and “Folsom Prison Blues. While I was putting this album together, I wanted to do Duets with some of my friends in the music industry and favorite artists. We have 21 tracks on this album and 19 Duets with of course my grandfather Dr. Ralph Stanley, Vince Gill, Marty Stuart, John Anderson, Rhonda Vincent, and several new artists.
CL: It’s a Who’s of Who of Country Music.
NS: Yes, it’s a Who’s of Who and I am real honored to have them on there.
CL: I have to ask this: Is it a struggle or is it helpful to have your last name “Stanley”.
NS: It’s helpful, God really blessed me with that last name because you know that my grandfather is so respected in the music industry and it really helps a lot.
CL: If you see when you are talking about your dad and grandfather and what your family with different styles of music; there is a difference in the generation, so what difference sheds you to your family who are playing in the music business?
NS: The styles of music beginning with my grandfather with the old-time mountain-style what he said they called Blue Grass Music and I still have a traditional/blue grass feel to it. So I kind of put my own feel to it, but it’s still traditional and down to earth music.
CL: Your inspiration is by Elvis I know….
NS: I am, Elvis was just a great vocalist and I love the way he would phrase and sing. I get his old videos out and watch his stage presence and I really admired him for that and me getting out those old videos and just seeing how he entertained the crowd in the audience. That really struck me.
CL: Let’s come back to the CD. How did you get all the people together to do Duets with you?
NS: I knew most of them, of course, and the making of this project took about two years. Of course with my time and getting the songs cut and when the artists have time from their busy schedules laid their vocals down. Most of them I knew were and were glad to do it as Gene Watson and some others. I just called to see if they wanted to sing a Duet, they said yes, and I made some new friends by putting this album together.
CL: When we see that you are in the music business now too, like your family; you have kids you might want to be in the music business than too?
NS: I don’t have kids now, but hopefully in the future, I may have a little boy to carry on my name.
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