Interview with Mark Wayne Glasmire


Interview with Mark Wayne Glasmire, Nashville June 6. 2012

by H.D. for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

H.D. You just released a video to your single“ I Like You“, how did that come about?
Mark Wayne Glasmire. That was really a lot of fun. We shot it here in Nashville, in Hillsboro Village. We wanted to go to the Beach because the song has a kind of a Beachy feel to it, but then we didn’t have the budget for that. So we looked around for someplace that looked like a Beach Town. My Producer Harold Jarboe scoped out some places and said “let’s go to Hillsboro Village.“ The Buildings there are nice colors and it gives you the feeling that you are at the Beach. When we went down there, we had no script, we just walked around the street. I flirted a little with some young College co-eds, trying to get them interested to be in the video and they did participate, which was really nice. We had a lot of fun. It’s a light song, there’s not a lot of depth or thought to it, it’s just fun. So we tried to have fun in the video.
H.D. How long did it take to make the video?
Mark Wayne Glasmire. For the video we shot about three hours worth of tape for a song that is about two minutes and forty seconds. So we where able to get enough material to narrow it down. 
H.D. Are you going to start a Radio PromotionTour?
Mark Wayne Glasmire. Yes I am, I’m just at the beginning stages of it, I like being promoted in the US right now. The Song “I like you“ was Nr. 81 this week. ((Editor’s note: #55 now, 7/20)) We’ve gone out primarily to the  usic Row Recording Stations, they report and create the music row charts. I’ll be visiting about 102 Radio Stations over the next few months. I’ll be going to all of them, doing my Performances and meeting people. We’re starting out at KLRK in Hampton, Iowa, then go on to Wisconsin, Michigan, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, where I live. Then in July we go up to New York, the North East.
H.D. Have you ever been in Europe?
Mark Wayne Glasmire. I have been in England a couple of times. I really would like to come to Europe, even if I could do some Pub Gigs or something like that. I’m trying to find someone that can help me put something together, so far I have not been able to do that.
H.D. How do you experience the CMA Fest from your point of view?
Mark Wayne Glasmire. I lived here for ten years, from 1995 to 2005 and I used to go when it was called Fan Fair and was held out at the Fairgrounds. They brought it Downtown when they built the Football Stadium in 1999 or 2000. I really like this setup now. Some people like it the way it is now, and some would prefer it the way it used to be, because at the Fairgrounds everything was in one spot. But it was so crowded. I prefer it the way it is now, you can walk around and see so many other things that you just didn’t see at the Fairgrounds.
H.D. Do you have any Gigs here now?
Mark Wayne Glasmire. Yes, I play this morning from 11 AM to 12.00 Noon at the Bridgestone Arena on The Nashville Convention and Visitor Stage. Which is inside the Bridgestone Arena. I’ll be at BB Kings tomorrow afternoon for the Power Source show, that is a positive country format. My music is rather on the positive side. I think I’ll have about six or seven performances this week. It will keep me busy.
H.D. Can you tell us something about the Award you won at the Global Artist Party?
Mark Wayne Glasmire. I was really honored, I was given an Award from the Hotdisc Chart, which is a Chart based out of the UK. The Hotdisc is a compilation Disc that goes out once a month and is sent to over 800 Programmers and DJ’s and some Magazines as well. They play it and somehow they track the popularity of the song. In my case, it stayed Nr. 1 for nine weeks. Which tied a record. I was very pleased and greatful, the song was “I like you“.We released the song over there in June last year and the first week it went on the chart was the first week in July, It debuted Nr. 2 and the following week it went to Nr. 1 and stayed there for nine weeks. We just released the same song here in America, but we already started marketing in March. The marketing has been going on for two months now, peparing the DJ’s for it, it is just different here. It is a much slower process. What I like about Europe, if the Programmers and DJ’s like the song, they will play it. You don’t have to do a whole lot of commotion for that. They either like it or they don’t like it. Here you have to schmooze a little bit, you have to promote and market it, you Just can’t hand it in and they start playing it. It takes months of prep work just to get them to listen to it. So we knew that if we had released it here at the same time last year, they would have started to play it in August or September at best and it is a very summery song. So we decided to release it over there and see how it does and then release it here this year. So far it has been doing very well. But I would be positively surprised if it would go to Nr. 1. The reactions have been very good so far.
H.D. If a song does well in Europe, does it help to get it started over here somewhat faster?
MWG. Unfortunately, I don’t think it helps at all. I can’t explain why, but the American Music Industry is just a much more different. It is not necessarily for the better. There are a lot of very talented people here in Nashville that makes you wonder why they are not on the Radio. But it is just the way the System works. That is why I’m doing the Radio Tour, it is important, specially for me as an older fellow, to go out there and meet these people and show them that I can really actually sing.
H.D. Do you think, that the music is starting to change more from Nashville Sound back to traditional Country?
Mark Wayne Glasmire. I don’t know if it is or not, I think it should. I’m a firm beliver that things run in cycles, so I think it needs to come back to what it was. I listen to a lot of the mainstream Country Artists now and to me, it is more like the 70’s Rock’n Roll. This would not have been considered Country Music in 1960 and 1970. At that time, Country Music was Johnny Cash, Charley Pride, Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, that was Country Music. I remember when John Denver won an Award at the CMA, they would not even announce his name, they burned his Award on the Stage because he was not considered Country. There used to be Country Western and he clearly fit the Western part of it. By the standards of those days, he did not fit and they made it very clear that he didn’t fit. John Denver was Performing in Germany at the time, so he was not able to be there. He accepted the award via satellite, so he didn’t see that they burned it on Stage. But even my songs are not really the traditional country I grew up with. My music is more like the 70’s Singer-Songwriter Folk Rock.
H.D. Are you working on any other Projects?
Mark Wayne Glasmire. Yes I do, I’ve just written some new things. When I recorded MWG, I had actually recorded 13 songs. We where going to do a full blown 13 Song CD. But because the Trend in Nashville is to do a six pack, we decided to do six songs plus a bonus Track. So I chose seven songs out of the thirteen to be released. Now I already got six songs done for the next Project. We’ll probably go to the Studio early next year and record the new songs with the already existing ones and the new Album should be ready about this time next year, maybe a little earlier.
H.D. Are your CD’s available in Stores?
Mark Wayne Glasmire. They are not in Stores, but you can get them from any online Retailers.
H.D. What is your favorite Song from your own Songs and what is your favorite of all Times?
Mark Wayne Glasmire. That is always hard to say, I have a very eclectic taste, I like to listen to a lot of different things. Interestingly the favorite song of mine is one that I never did any promotion at all, but it is the most downloaded song on I Tunes. The song is called “The Moment“. I think it is the best song that I’ve written so far. As for my favorite of all times, that is very hard. I’m a big Beatles Fan, so I guess one of my favorites is “Long and Winding Road“, I just love that song. Another favorite is the song “Remembers When“, written by Hugh Prestwood and made popular by Trisha Yearwood. It is a very thought provoking song. It takes you to a different place in time. That is what I like to do when I write, I try to tell a story, that will give you a little break from whatever it is that you’re in the midst of at that time. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.
H.D. Do you write all your own songs?
Mark Wayne Glasmire. Pretty much so, I have one song on my “Life Goes On“ CD that was written by two of my friends. The song is called “Zihuwatanejo.“ There is actually a place with that name in Mexico, I even performed there once.
H.D. What would you like to tell people that don’t know you about yourself?
Mark Wayne Glasmire. I’m a nice fellow. I’m a homebody, I like to be home, I love my family. I’m an honest person. I’m not rich and I’m not famous but I love what I do and I’m grateful that I can do that and make a living at it. I work hard just like anyone else trying to get ahead. My music tends to be on the positive side and I just want to spread a positve message, maybe somewhere along the way it might make a difference in the world — Make the world a better place.

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