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Interview with Kip Moore

Interview with Kip Moore

by Christian Lamitschka for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

Christian Lamitschka: I am Christian Lamitschka and today I present you Kip Moore. Kip welcome to the show.
Kip Moore: Thank you so much for having me, it’s been a blast for me.
Christian Lamitschka: Kip you’re brand new now in the country music business, could you please introduce yourself and the music you are playing to someone who never seen or heard of you before?
Kip Moore: My name is Kip Moore, I’m from south Georgia, I’ve been in Nashville doing the music for 8½ years. You say brand new, but I’ve been at it for a very long time. The music that I do is very raw, gritty, honest. I think it’s the kind of music that will move you or feel something. It’s not just more than a melody or lyric, it’s a feeling. That’s kind of what some mix between that American Rock & Roll singer songerwriter Bob Seger, Bruce Springstein, mixed in with Kris Kristofferson and Willy Nelson guys where I feel the music paints a picture, which is the old songwriters did so well. They painted pictures in such a short amount of time.
Christian Lamitschka: Kip, you just released a new single which said “Mary Was The Marrying Kind”.
Kip Moore: Yea, “Marry Was The Marrying Kind” it’s basically I feel anybody is lucky enough or live long enough. At some point in time you miss something special. I think that’s the way life works if you live life to the fullest, you gonna miss out on special things. Usually it’s just because you weren’t paying attention at that time. And that’s what the song is, a portrayal of when I was in high school area, I was going to school with a girl and she was very tall, shy, meek, no confidence, has yet to grow into a figure and she wasn’t sure of herself. But she was always sweet as can be and I happen to run into her years later and she was gorgeous, she was confident, she was charismatic and charming and funny. I just wanted to kick myself in the ass for not paying attention a long time ago. That’s what the song is, it’s just missing out on a beautiful thing because you weren’t looking for a beautiful thing at that moment in time.
Christian Lamitschka: They told me you are the complete package. Tell me, what makes you a complete package.
Kip Moore: (Laughing) I’m not sure, it’s a flattering compliment. I feel like the songs are very lyrical, melodic driven; and I feel like us as a band, we really bring it life. I feel like if you come and see a life show, I feel like it moves you. My whole purpose every time we play life is to leave you exhausted when we get done. The complete package, I’m not sure, but it’s a wonderful compliment.
Christian Lamitschka: I’m thankful that you didn’t say high energy, but you were young. Are you doing stage diving at your shows?
Kip Moore: No, there’s no stage diving. I mean who knows if I’m in the mood to do it, the spirit moves me I might jump, but so far there has not been any stage diving.
Christian Lamitschka: Are you on these networking websites?
Kip Moore: I’m on Facebook, they just made a Facebook account for me. I’ll be twittering soon or www.kipmoore.com

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