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Interview with Debby Smith

Interview with Country
singer Debby Smith from Canada
Smith, a really nice woman, with the heart on the right spot, she
lives in British Columbia, Canada. In her near environment, there is
the oil and gas industry, as the major employer in that area.
is singing since she was 5 years old and she never stopped…it was
always her special dream to become a country singer. She loves
photography and indulges it, whenever she can and as often as
possible. Debby Smith has been in a couple of bands over the
years, she did sing in the church and at a lot of weddings. But there
was always this dream and then she started to focus a different way.
In earnest a little late out the gate, but she had been waited all of
her life, to pursue music, and now the time is right for her. A lot
of people see now what a good artist she is, even though, she is
already over 50 years, her love and devotion for country music
is as young as her voice and the youthful and passionate music Debby
is performing is really wonderful. Debby married at a very young
age, she was only 17 years old, but she still loves her husband, like
the first day they met. To be married to the same man for 35 years,
shows how consistent and faithful Debby is. She is not only the
perfect wife for her husband; she is also a wonderful, warm hearted
woman, friendly, caring and very loyal and not to forget a real good
country singer.
has many new fans throughout Europe, they may hear about you for the
first time. How would you describe yourself and the music you make,
to someone who has never seen, or heard about you?
have been blessed to record some great tracks. I like to sing songs
that I hope touch people. I like to sing thoughtful songs. I like to
sing emotional songs, not necessarily sad ones, and happy songs too,
but songs that evoke some kind of emotion.
current single is played on the radio worldwide at the radio station
of venom in Spain. What made it so special, that people wanna hear
that song?
hope people want to hear this song. It is a beautiful song it is
called “You Can Always Reach Me” It is letting people know that
if we want to, we 
can reach
each other.
kind of songs, you like to record?
like ballads. I like any genre, but I am singing Country and I love
do like to spice things up with a fast beat song as well. I just love
matter what it is I sing.
can tell that this is true; because yesterday was my birthday and
Debby send me “Happy Birthday” wishes and asked me, what kind of
song, I would love to hear, she could sing a lot, she said. So I told
her I love “Mary Did You Know”. She told me than, to be sorry,
but she didn´t had that song in her repertoire and she send me
another real good song called “How Great Thou Art”, Debby singing
it very good…I really loved it. Later when I looked at my messages
there was another message of Debby in it, she send me the song I
loved “Mary Did You Know”. She got him and she was singing
it……just for me…That song was amazing and it was terrific what
Debby did, just to make my day. I can say that this woman is a real
good entertainer, who manage 1000 things in a wink….And hereby I
thank you again for that wonderful song, that touched my heart….love
you for that!
is your favorite song among all the songs you have recorded and what
is the story behind?
have to say “You Can Always Reach Me”, is one of my very
favorites. It has a great message. It has great music behind it. It
is just a great song. I fell in love with it the first time I heard
the track
Who inspires you in music and how deep are your musical roots?
am inspired by so many people, too numerous to say. I grew up around
music. My Uncle had a band going pretty much all of my growing up
years. They would have these huge jam sessions at night (when I was
supposed to be in bed sleeping) and it was so exciting I couldn’t
sleep and sometimes they would let me get up and I would take it all
in, and try to participate where I could. I was quite young, maybe 7
or 8 years old when I remember first really paying attention to the
jam sessions, which took place in my grandparent’s house. Even
though Country Music was starting to change, and I grew up around
country, they played and listened to old country classics. It was a
great time.
I thank you very much for this interview, you are a great
personality, I love your songs and I hope to meet you in person some
day. I know that you make your way!
 Gaby Agrikola for Country Music News International

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