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Interview with David “Eli’ Grimes

Interview with David “Eli’ Grimes


Music has many new fans throughout Europe, they may hear about you for
the first time. How would you describe yourself and the music you make, to
someone who has never seen, or heard about you?
My music career began when I was 12 or 13 years old.  I had seen a Movie on TV called “Your
Cheating Heart” the story and the life of Hank Williams Sr. the movie really
touched my heart.  After the story of
Hank I knew I had to write songs like Hank and touch people’s lives like Hank
Williams did. I bothered my father until he finally broke down and bought me my
first guitar.
Really they say I was making up songs way before that even before I
could even write my first words.  After
the movie of Hank Williams I started writing my songs down, but there was no
one to sing my songs.  So one day I said
I will write and record my own songs which I did from that moment on.  I have written and recorded over 30 songs so
far.  Musically I go by my middle name
Eli because it is a little different and unique; people really remember the
name a lot more than David.  I love to
write songs from the heart and I hope that every song touches your heart in
some way.  I just love writing and singing
my heart out for people!
How has been the last year for you? What are the highlights?
With-in the last year I have really gotten into putting my music and
videos up on YouTube my channel is DavidEli
Grimes@youtube .  Also I have
been on facebook at Eli grimes and on twitter at Eli’s Coming or Eli
What made you choose that title for the CD?  Is there a story
behind this?
Yes I grew up loving the Andy Griffith Show on TV and went to Mount
Airy, North Carolina the home town of Andy.
I left the town wishing Andy and I had gone fishing and wrote the song
from that trip.
Do you write the songs by yourself? If not, how do you manage to find
the perfect songs for your CD? 
Most of my songs I write by myself and then get studio musicians to play
in the recording studio.  I play the
guitar myself just enough to write the melody for the songs.
What is the difference between your last and your current CD?
I feel I have gotten better and better over the years even though some
people really like my early songs.
Your current single is played on the radio. What made it so special,
that people wanna hear that song?
My last song was inspired by a Lady on Facebook that was very ill and
asked everyone to pray for her.  So I was
inspired to write a song “I Said a Prayer for You Today” 
What is your favorite song among all the songs you have recorded and
what is the story behind?
MY first song “Toy Boy” inspired by Elvis is like my first baby so it
makes you sit up and take notice.  Some
people still say that is there favorite song of mine.
Do you have any interesting stories about how fans have been affected by
your music?
I have fans tell me all the time my songs touch their hearts and make
them cry. I do not mean to make them cry, I do however like touching their
Who inspires you in music and how deep are your musical roots?
Mostly people I meet on life’s roads and paths one way or the other
inspires me to write my songs.  I have
written songs to help save animals lives, a song about two young girls killed
with drive by shootings, another song about a little that had gone missing,
about the Homeless and oh yes about Love.
Many European fans travel to the United States to attend several music
festivals for the opportunity to see as many of their favorite artists, bands
and celebrities as they can. If you would be one of these favorite artists,
where in the United States could the fans find you?
I’m Eli and I’m kind of shy!  I
love to sing but I have just finally said I am going to give it a another big
try to see if I can get discovered by the Whole Wide World
A few last words of Eli:
All my Life I have wanted my musical talent to somehow
make a difference in this World. To leave more than just my footprints, or
my music behind, when I leave this world. That is why I wrote and sang songs
about saving animals lives, about stopping Violence and stop the killing of our
innocent little children.  I have also written songs to help raise
awareness about the Homeless.  With all the money we waste in this world
if anyone goes hungry tonight we are all to blame and should be a shame.
I may never make it to the top in the
music business, but like my mother used to say to me if I had died before her,
she was going to write all over my tombstone David Eli Grimes tried and tried
and tried!
My talent is not in my song writing or
singing it is my determination to make a difference in this world. I am not
leaving this world until I do make a difference for at least one person. Now I
have said what I wanted and needed to say to you. Thank you again for listening
to me and my music and for caring and for sharing my story!
David “Eli” Grimes
can find Eli grimes in You Tube with a lot of videos, for instance with
Still Falling”
Thank you very much Eli, I understand your mission and your message and I think
you left already a mark to remember!
by Gaby Agrikola for Country Music New International

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