Interview with Chase Rice

Interview with Chase Rice

by Christian Lamitschka for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

Christian Lamitschka: I’m Christian Lamitschka and today I present you Chase Rice. Chase, welcome to the show!
Chase Rice: I appreciate it, thanks very much.
Christian Lamitschka: Chase, most Americans know you, but the European fans might be hearing about you for the first time. Can you please introduce yourself to them, what type of music you’re playing and show us a little bit about your personality?
Chase Rice: Yes, my name is Chase Rice. I do a kind of a country rock thing. We got a new EP coming out, it’s called “Country Is Me.” It will be coming out March 8 on iTunes. I really love music. I love doing it. You might know me from the TV Show “Survivor.” I was on “Survivor-Nicaragua.”  Now, it’s just all about music. I’m releasing an EP and doing shows. I’m really looking forward to getting the music out there.
Christian Lamitschka: Chase, you have a new single out there, called “Buzz Back”. Please tell us something about this song and what inspired you to pick up this song.
Chase Rice: I didn’t pick up this song; I wrote the song. It’s called “Buzz Back.” I wrote it with Jesse Rice and Brian Kelley. It’s just a song about getting rid of a hangover pretty much. In the second verse, it talks about other ways to get your buzz back. Do you get it back by going out and having some drinks or do you get a buzz when you get a new girlfriend? Basically, it asks what do you do to get that everyday buzz. It’s got that cool feeling.
Christian Lamitschka: Chase, what brought you to country music?
Chase Rice: I’ve been huge fan of country music my whole life growing up listening to Garth Brooks and Chris LeDoux. I’m a big Kenny Chesney fan as well. I started playing guitar my sophomore year in college just for fun. In my junior year, my dad passed away, so the only way to deal with that was to write a song about it. And I wrote that song, then another song, then another. People were liking what I was doing, so I just continued to do it. I never thought it would be a career, but right now it’s going well. This new EP coming out is going to be a real big for me.
Christian Lamitschka: What’s more fun, to be an artist or a songwriter.
Chase Rice: Well I’m doing both and I’m having a blast right now.

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