Interview with Burns & Poe


Interview with Burns & Poe

by Christian Lamitschka for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

Christian Lamitschka: I’m Christian Lamitschka and today on the show we have Burns & Poe, Welcome!

Burns & Poe: Hey good to see you again.

Christian Lamitschka: Yea we met each other now how many times? I’ve forgotten.

Burns & Poe: Oh several times, several.

Christian Lamitschka: So what’s been going on since the last we met each other.

Burns & Poe: Rehab! No I’m just joking! (laughing). I’m just trying to break the ice, Chris.

Christian Lamitschka: Do we have that to do?

Burns & Poe: What….

Christian Lamitschka: To break the ice?

Burns & Poe: That was just it. (laughing)

Christian Lamitschka: So what been happening?

Burns & Poe: Oh we finished the record.

Christian Lamitschka: Oh hey folks, new record it’s really really cool with a lot of songs on it.

Burns & Poe: It’s a double CD actually. Show him (Chris) the back of it.

Christian Lamitschka: How many songs are on it?

Burns & Poe: Seventeen total, sixteen songs with a bonus track, a live medley.

Christian Lamitschka: Let’s talk about the live Medley, which is a nice thing, ten minutes and fourteen seconds long. Can you tell us a little bit about it?

Burns & Poe: It’s sort of a medley of duets of people that we have admired in the past like Kenny and Dolly; Sonny and Cher; Frizzel and West. We did it live in Bowling Green, Kentucky. It’s just fun stuff. It showcases our personality.

Christian Lamitschka: Since the first time we met each other, you just started your career, where is it now. I got this news you are Independent Artist of the Year? That’s cool! Yea! So it might be next year Major Artists of the Year?

Burns & Poe: Well, you know, we’re hoping. All we can do is write the best music we can and put out the best songs we can put out, work really hard. We surrounded ourselves with a great team. Hopefully let the chips fall where they may. We got a really high budget going in the next four weeks or so, to shoot our first high-budget video. Just trying to stay up; the label Blue Steel Records, we want to anny up. I know Michelle is and I am too.

Christian Lamitschka: Let’s see if you pick up the next song like you would be next, which is your personal favorite on the CD?

Burns & Poe: (Michelle) My personal favorite is probably one we actually did not write. It’s an outside song it’s called “Is This Lonely”. It’s really sad and for some reason I sing those really well. (Keith) She’s sad, look at her, she’s got a dark cloud over her…. Ooh…♫♪ ..raindrops keep falling on Michelle….…♫♪♫. (laughing)

Christian Lamitschka: Hey we have sunshine suddenly outside.

Burns & Poe: I know it’s nice.

Christian Lamitschka: A few days ago we have had a lot of rain!

Burns & Poe: It’s been the worst Winter that I ever can remember since I moved to Nashville in 1990, this is the worst Winter that’s we’ve had. So we are ready for some sunshine.

Christian Lamitschka: I believe!

Burns & Poe: (Michelle) Can’t wait for Spring!

Christian Lamitschka: Let’s hope during Fan Fair is a little sunny.

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