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Interview with Adam Craig Band

Interview with Adam Craig Band

by Christian Lamitschka for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show


Christian Lamitschka: Today I present you the Adam Craig Band. These guys have a lot of energy and fun. Please introduce yourselves our listeners and piers who might be hearing about you for the first time.
Adam Craig Band: Hi there, I’m Brian I play the drums; I’m Jimi I play bass and sing; I’m Ryan and play the piano. Hi there, thank you for tuning in and watching; my name is Adam and you guys are getting all this live from Nashville, Tennessee right now, so welcome, Everybody!
Christian Lamitschka: You told me you can do the interview in German so let’s hear what you can talk in German.
Adam Craig Band: Ich spiel Schlachzeug (I play the drums); and we’ll stop there for now.
Christian Lamitschka: Hey guys, how did you guys find each other, because you’re not a costume band or are you?
Adam Craig Band: No, Adam and Brian were in a band and they decided to do their own thing. Then I came in playing bass. Adam had been talking about his cousin, Ryan. Ryan came to Adam’s house one night when we were all down there and he started playing around with the guitar. He just fit in with our personalities and jokes, and that’s pretty much the way it’s been since the past 4½ years now.
Christian Lamitschka: You also have out a new single and an EP, who would like to talk about it.
Adam Craig Band: We have a brand new single that is on the country radio right now called “Nothin’ Wrong”, and the song is about a dude grown up in a family who love sports of all sorts who always go to different towns playing football or baseball against all these bigger towns. People would give us grief for growing up in such a small town, and they would say to us: “Man oh, your town is going down in such a small place and there is nothing there” and so it was kind of a play to the small treasures in a small town, That’s what it’s about and we try to do it in a different way and we thought we did a great job in a different aspect of how it usually happens. We started to work with a guy named Josh Leo whose resume is unbelievable, I mean his first #1 he produced “Fishin’ In The Dark” which is a stable. If you haven’t played that as a country band, you’re not a country band.
Christian Lamitschka: By the way, you four spent a lot of time on stage, also at the studio, do you spend a lot of spare time together too?
Adam Craig Band: Actually we get together on the weekends when we are not in town. We play football together, we see movies, we do everything together. I have a little fishing boat that we wear out as well. It’s called the fun zone.
Christian Lamitschka ( Ch.Lamitschka@t-online.de )

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