Ian Munsick – White Buffalo

CD Review: Ian Munsick – White Buffalo

By Adam Chance for Country Music News International Magazine

1. From the Horse’s Mouth

2. Arrowhead

3. River Run

4. Ranch Hand

5. Neon Brightside

6. Long Live Cowgirls (with Cody Johnson)

7. Barn Burner

8. Dig

9. More Than Me

10. Little Man

11. White Buffalo

12. Bluegrass

13. Cowshit in the Morning

14. Field of Dreams (ft. Vince Gill)

15. Blazin’

16. Missin’ Her Play

17. Horses & Weed

18. Indian Paintbrush

Ian Munsick’s album, White Buffalo, transports listeners to the secluded, idyllic mountains of his hometown with a sound as expansive as the plains of Wyoming. Released by Warner Music Nashville and produced by Jeremy Spillman & Ian Munsick, this album beautifully captures the essence of Munsick’s Wyoming roots while weaving in modern country elements.

From the opening track, From the Horse’s Mouth, listeners are introduced to a vibrant tapestry of imagery and storytelling that defines the album. Munsick’s ability to blend traditional country sounds with contemporary influences is evident throughout, creating a unique and refreshing listening experience.

The album flows naturally, with each song building on the previous one to create a cohesive narrative. The heartfelt ballads like Little Man and More Than Me provide touching moments, while upbeat tracks such as Barn Burner and Neon Brightside showcase Munsick’s versatility and sense of humor. The tongue-in-cheek Cowshit in the Morning adds a playful twist, epitomizing Munsick’s knack for blending levity with deeper themes.

Ian Munsick has stated, “My goal is to create music that’s rooted in tradition but speaks to today’s listeners.” This sentiment is woven throughout White Buffalo, with each track offering a glimpse into life’s highs and lows. The lyrics are meticulously crafted, capturing the essence of the human experience with authenticity and emotion.

White Buffalo has something for every country music fan. The collaboration with Cody Johnson on Long Live Cowgirls brings a rich, slow-burning anthem, while the feature with Vince Gill on Field of Dreams adds depth and variety. The title track, White Buffalo, stands out as the crown jewel of the album, with Munsick’s poignant lyrics and passionate delivery creating a hauntingly beautiful piece.

Munsick have crafted an album that honors country traditions while pushing the boundaries of the genre. White Buffalo is a testament to Ian Munsick’s growth as an artist and his ability to connect deeply with his audience.

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

For more information, visit Ian Munsick’s official website – [https://www.ianmunsick.com](https://www.ianmunsick.com)

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