Hunter Hayes If You Change Your Mind

Hunter Hayes If You Change Your Mind

Story by Snehashree Mandal for Country Music News International

Nominated for five Grammy Awards, including Best New Artist, Hayes won three BMI Awards and the 2012 CMA Award for New Artist of the Year. Hayes learned singing in both English and French as a child. He started working when he was two years old. He began appearing on local and national television at the age of four, including Maury, the Rosie O’Donnell Program, and the Nickelodeon game show Figure It Out, when he played “Jambalaya” (On the Bayou). At the age of six, Hayes received his first guitar from actor Robert Duvall. He was invited to perform for President Bill Clinton at a White House lawn party when he was seven years old. At the age of 13, he appeared on Dave Coulier’s America’s Most Talented kids.

Throughout the summer of 2011, Hayes served the opening act for country artist Taylor Swift’s Speak Now World Tour, which ended for him in St. Louis, Missouri. He went on his own radio tour in April 2011, debuting tracks that would go on his debut album. Hayes and Victoria Justice recorded a duet for the Footloose remake’s soundtrack in 2011, covering Mike Reno and Ann Wilson’s 1984 hit Almost Paradise from the original film. Hayes was the opening act for Rascal Flatts Thaw Out tour from January to February 2012.

Where We Left Off, is an original song written by Hayes and featured on the soundtrack for the 2012 war film Act of Valor. The Flaming Lips set a Guinness World Record (formerly held by Jay-Z) for the most concerts played in numerous cities in a 24-hour period during the 2012 O Music Awards. At the Hattiesburg stop, Hayes was the opening act. Hayes was selected C.F. Martin & Co.’s newest brand ambassador by Martin Guitars in May 2012.

Hunter revealed in an interview with the American songwriter that it brought absolute joy to him when he was chosen as an official Martin Ambassador and was honored by the Martin family.

Hunter Hayes was born on September 9, 1991, only child of Lynette and Leo. His parents being of French (Cajun) descent, it was only natural for him are immersed in his heritage. This is the reason he was trained in both French and English. Given both his parents worked, he was reared by a babysitter who always tuned in to Cajun music on the radio, particularly Aldus Roger, the accordionist. When Hayes was two years old, his grandmother gave him a toy accordionist, and he began performing Roger’s tunes on it. When parents realized their son was musically skilled, they had an accordion custom crafted for him so that his little hands could play it.

At the 2013 Grammy Awards, he was nominated for three Grammys, including Best New Singer, making him the youngest male country artist to be nominated in all three categories. Hunter was one of five country singers to win the 2013 CMT Artist of the Year award. Every year, this honor goes to a cluster of country performers who have had a particularly successful year.

He is also producing and co-writing with many. Hunter brothers Hard Dirt was co-produced and written by him too. He also co-wrote ‘Been a minute’ and produced it as well. Hayes is on a wind swing and his swing is climbing higher each time he comes up with something.

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