HOTDISC 153 (CD Review)

HOTDISC 153 (CD Review)
Label – Rush Released Records
SEPTEMBER 2011 Premier Cuts
Track ratings – 10 excellent, 8 Very Good, 6 Good, 4 Average, 2 Below Average
DAVID WOOD (USA) – Track 1 ‘From The Bottle To The Bottom’Website
David Wood is someone who was born into the heart of Country and Western Music in that little western town – next to the Pacific Ocean – in California. This song is another released to Hotdisc to promote his David’s debut CD HERE & NOW released in 2009 and it appeared as a track 6 cut.
Kris Kristofferson has always been my favorite musical poet of my generation. I searched Kris’ catalogue of wonderful songs and found this gem. Some songs, when you hear them, strike a familiar chord and you wonder if the song was written for you ….. Without confessing a thing – when I heard this song, I knew I had to record it “ shares David
Verdict: Rather plods along
Check out the song [[ Youtube ]] – Check out the album [[ cdbaby link ]]
LAWRENCE JOHN PROJECT – Track 2 ‘Sunny Day In Nashville’ (CMNI score 6) Website unknown
Lawrence John, is a country music deejay, songwriter and record producer, based in Holywood, Co.Down, just 4 miles from Belfast and 3,900 miles from Nashville, Tennessee. The Lawrence John Project is essentially a showcase for the songs of Lawrence John, who writes music and lyrics and then produces his songs in Nashville, using a small nucleus of musicians and singers, drawn from the finest Music City has to offer.
Inspired by a visit to Nashville in 2008, this song is about the two sides of Music City.
On one hand you have, signs on many record company and publisher’s doors saying, “no unsolicited calls”, a crushing blow for the many aspiring singers, songwriters and musicians arriving in the city every day. Most will be end up going home disappointed and disillusioned, some will stay because they’re too embarassed to go home and admit failure, some will end up playing in clubs around town, a few will play in the streets for tips and a few unfortunate souls will end up on Skid Row. On the other hand, crowds flock to The Grand Ole Opry and Country Music Hall Of Fame, souvenir shops thrive and tour operators take visitors to the homes of Country Stars. For the lucky ones and the tourists, every day’s a “Sunny Day In Nashville” The song is dedicated to all the wannabes. Hope y’all make it and hope you like the song “
(Lawrence John Deejay/ Songwriter/ Producer Belfast)
This is song is to promote the new single released on 21 August, 2011 on Dixie Records
Made its Hotdisc debut at #5 on the charts and has so far peaked peaked at #2
Listen on [[ Youtube ]]
Verdict: A pleasing vocal performance and sets the Nashville scene well as the sun shines like the everlasting dreams held by artists who live there.
CLIVE JOHN & THE SPIRIT BAND – Track 3 ‘Purple Sky’Website
Perhaps British country music’s best kept secret, singer-songwriter Clive John will not be familiar to the majority of British country music fans. From Malvern in Worcestershire, Clive was taken under the management wing of Frank Hambleton and played the British club and festival scene for several years from around 2000 onwards, performing with his unparalleled songwriting and amazing clear cut vocals! Clive John started songwriting at about the age of 18 and now has a number of CDs under his belt.
Clive John is a multi talented musician, singer and songwriter with a huge repertoire of songs covering many genres which allows him to entertain just about any audience he finds himself in front of.
Typically, Clives audiences can be found in pubs, clubs, at corporate events, private parties and in large auditoriums where he can regularly be found as the front man for the acclaimed
Johnny Cash Road Show a tribute band.
Clive has penned over 200 songs to date and his long awaited seventh album called THE SPIRIT was launched last year 17th September 2010 accompanied by “The Spirit Band”. This album has began a six song campaign in the Hot Disc country chart , ‘Running Away Again’ was the first release and reached no.1 in UK/Irish chart.
The title cut ‘Spirit’ had 4 weeks at #1 on the Hotdisc Top 40 and held for 8 weeks at #1 on the British & Irish chart. Due to this success Clive has been confirmed as song of the year in the BCMAwards. He will be collecting an award for this at the BCMAwards ceremony on October 23rd 2011.
This new release Purple Sky’ made its debut at #9 on the chart and so far has peaked at #3 on the Hotdisc Top 40 whilst once again topping the British & Irish chart. The song was originally the title track on John’s album PURPLE SKY. “This is a very special song for me, plus a lot of people had asked me to record an updated mix, so hear is the new version “ says Clive. Featured on backing vocals is Jill Schoonjans (Pic 2) who performs as June Carter Cash and is included in the sent of the theatre production, The Johnny Cash Roadshow.
Listen on [[ Youtube ]]
Verdict: Reminds me of Ralph McTell
DAMIAN FOLLETTTrack 4 ‘One Of These Days’Website
Damian Follett has been performing professionally for almost 2 decades. Since the mid-to-late 1980’s he has been a constant staple of the Newfoundland and Labrador music industry. From his humble beginnings in rock bands to his most recent solo performances at Green Sleeves on George Street, St. John’s Newfoundland (the oldest city in North America) he remains a true entertainer. He has won numerous local, national and international talent contests over the course of his career. Hios songs tell stories about real people with real life problems and issues. In the early 90’s he was lead singer for Rogues Gallery Follett and travelled across Canada for almost 5 years. Since 2000 he has pursued a songwriting career in Nashville. (Source Facebook)
This track ‘One Of These Days’ currently stands at #5 on the Hotdisc Top 40 and it appears on his album THE COLLECTION released on 15 Sept 2010 (iTunes Link)
Songs can be sampled at –
Verdict: Rather clichéd lyrically but good hook lines
SHAWNA RUSSELL (USA) – Track 5 ‘Everybody’s Got A Story’ (Remix) (CMNI score 8) Website
Shawna Russell is among many eclectic musicians and entertainers who call Oklahoma home, which includes both locally and nationally acclaimed artists. Wanda Jackson, Vince Gill, Reba McEntire, Carrie Underwood, Shanwa Russell — there are so many talented singers that come from Oklahoma. When asked why the state has so many repre­sentatives in the genre, she said “I don’t know. I think it’s something in the water. I think it comes from the fact that Oklahoma is one of those melting pots. A lot of the people who live here might not have originally been from here.
Shawna Russell definitely has several musical branches and the eclectic mix is something the singer likes.
That’s what I try to do when doing an album—–get something that everyone is going to like. So, for me, I don’t go into an album think­ing ‘I need this tempo, and I need this type of song. It’s just whatever is coming through me at the moment. I think that kind of sporadic energy is what makes it so great—each song has its’ own unique character.” she says.
Everybody’s Got A Story’ is the follow up on Hotdisc to her wonderfully catchy single ‘Sounds Like A Party’ which reached #3 on the Hotdisc Top 40 chart in May and deserved to reach the top but sadly fell short. It shows up on her self-titled sophomore album on Way Out West Records as a remix and first appeared on her gorgeous debut album GODDESS .
The new alabum was recorded in Nashville and Oklahoma City, and co-produced by Julian King (Grammy-winning engineer for Faith Hill, Tim McGraw and Toby Keith), along with Clif Doyal & Tim Russell, the album reflects Shawna’s growth as an artist and a maturity of her song crafting skills. “I am so happy to finally release my second album,” states Russell. “It is the culmination of my passion for creating music – and I can’t wait to share it with everyone!” SHAWNA RUSSELL features legendary and stellar musicians, including drummers Russ Kunkel (Carly Simon, James Taylor), Shannon Forrest (2010 ACM “Top Percussionist/Drummer”) and Billy Thomas (Vince Gill); bassists David Santos (Elton John, John Fogerty) and Mike Brignardello (Lynyrd Skynyrd, Sugarland); mandolin, banjo and acoustic guitarist, Bryan Sutton (2000-2006 IBMA “Guitar Player of the Year”); electric, slide and acoustic guitarist, Jon Conley (LeAnn Rimes, Wynonna); along with keyboardists Charles Judge (Bon Jovi, Rascal Flatts) and Jim “Moose” Brown (Jamey Johnson, Darius Rucker).
Vocally Shawna is right up there with the big stars such as LeAnn Rimes and Martina McBride, all she needs is that little touch of luck and for American radio and Nashville in general to open their eyes and notice this mighty fine talent” (Maverick Magazine Sept 2011)
Watch her live TV Acoustic performance of this song in 2010 at OklaVision studios. –
Verdict: Shawna’s voice always a winner with me. Crisp production, great musicianship, the story lines were a little weak and needed to expand to get a 10.
SUZANNE EDWARDS (CANADA) – Track 6 ‘Faraway’ (Radio Edit) (CMNI score 10) Website
Blurb: Suzanne is a Canada born singer-songwriter, pianist, composer and producer having written with veteran co-writers both in Los Angeles and Nashville. As a graduate from UCLA’s renowned film scoring program, Suzanne brings both her strengths as a composer and songwriter together to offer both underscore and theme song for film, television and multimedia projects.
She has been releasing her music off her first album THE ARMS OF A GOOD WOMAN. The title track appeared on Hotdisc 141, ‘Tulips Dream’ on Hotdisc 144 peaked at #21 on the Top 40 chart on Jan 2, 2011 I’m Waiting For You’ made the Hotdisc 150 and reached #21 in June.
Suzanne’s writing has been so successful that she has been in demand to co-write with some of the top songwriters in the business in all genres. She recently picked up an Emmy for her work, something which many established writers can only dream about. Here is a lady who is so passionate about her music and for her latest single she has gone for a ballad which she didn’t pen. “Faraway” is a simply stunning ballad with celtic undertones. It is a haunting track which showcases her vocals.
A lady with an eclectic music style this current track has peaked at #28 on the Top 40 chart (Oct 2, 2011)
Verdict: Wonderfully atmospheric and thoughts of Eva Cassidy with the “Fields Of Gold” line. Captivating sound and vocal performance. Best on HD153!
Check ot the album [[ iTunes]]
Other Tracks
JOHNNY COUNTERFIT (USA) -Track 7 ‘A Couple of Girls Ago’Website
Blurb: Born in Omaha, Nebraska, raised in Portland, Oregon, and living in Nashville, Tennessee since 1993, comedian/impressionist, Johnny Counterfit has not only lived from one end of America to another, but has performed in concert, on television, radio, and film, from (nearly) one end of the world to the other.
Television cartoons, comedians, and actors cultivated Johnny’s talent of voice impressions, at an early age, along with radio and recordings of some of the most celebrated singers of the last half-century
Counterfit has performed and recorded with some of the biggest names in the entertainment field, that include George Jones, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Charlie Pride, Reba McEntire, Marty Stuart and Ronnie Mcdowell.
Johnny is due to perform in England, October 21, 22, & 23, 2011. He has accepted an offer to present his show, during the British Country Music Awards on October 23. And is due to appear on Oct 21 at the Brass Monkey w/Alan West & Friends in Shirley Road, Southampton – (Details)
WESLEY PARKERTrack 8 ‘Have Someone To Love’ Website
With the release of “Two A.M “ in May of 2011 Wesley Parker returned to the airwaves throughout the United Kingdom. This was one of a bunch of songs he wrote in the lonely hours of night. This song will appear as track 2 on a recent CD is titled The Best Of Wes is scheduled for release early 2012.  I just want to say “this” about “that” – those songs are no where near the Best of Wes. They may be “about” my life – about your life possibly – but the worth and meaningfulness of my life has been the love that I’ve been blessed to have known from family and friends through my years” he shares.
When he lost his son, Darren, in May of 2002 life came undone for Wesley for several years but then became redefined – But as the sayings goes:  Life goes on. The album will be dedicated to the memory of Darren D. Parker (9 September 1972 – 23 May 2002)
The self penned ‘Have Someone To Love’ (track 4 on The Best Of Wes) is the latest single and climbed to 21 on the Hotdisc Top 40. One of Parker’s writing techniquies is when observing people. This song came into being when up late one and unable to sleep he turned on the TV and caught an interview with country superstar Kenny Rogers. Three things his late dad had left Kenny as inspirations were the words Someone to Love, Something To Do and Something To Dream.
T GRAHAM BROWN – Track 9 ‘Sip By Sip’ (CMNI score 6) Website (Joe Ballard) CD:Single (Universal Sound)
Blurb: Anthony “T.” Graham Brown has recorded a total of thirteen studio albums, and has charted more than twenty singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts. Three of these singles — “Hell and High Water” (co-wriiten with Alex Harvey) , “Don’t Go to Strangers” (written by Russell Smith and J.D. Martin) from 1986, and “Darlene” (writers Mike Geiger, Woody Mullis, and Ricky Ray Rector) from 1988 was his third and final number one on the country chart and eight more reached Top Ten.
He first performed in a duo called Dirk & Tony, before founding two more bands and eventually settling on the stage name T. Graham Brown.
Brown moved to Nashville in 1982 and found work singing advertising jongles and doing demos. Brown also found work as a songwriter for Tree Publishing before signing to Capitol Records in 1984 and has garnered twelve Top-Ten hits and a CMA Award.
In 1998, T. Grahm Brown’s single “Wine Into Water” not only inspired the lives of countless individuals but went all the way to the top of the Christian Country Music chart and was awarded the number one independent music video of the year.
This new single written by Joe Ballard on the Universal Sound label has reached the Top 10 in the Hotdisc Top 40 chart.
Verdict: As it Michael Bolton, Travis Tritt and Ray Charles had met up in jukebox joint. Really soulful, great harmonies.
DOUG ADKINS (USA) – Track 10 ‘Mary Jane Riley’Website
Blurb: Doug Adkins grew up in Montana, born in Havre (pronounced **Have Er**) His father was an educator so I grew up in little towns like Culbertson, Wolf Point, Froid and finally graduated from Sidney High School, which is in the North East corner of the state. He played basketball, baseball and golf in high school. Doug got a guitar for his 18th birthday and has been writing songs ever since has has written over 200 songs. He has been touring in Europe primarily since 2000.
Adkins has released 8 albums his latest being WALTZ ACROSS MONTANA from 2010. The self penned ‘Mary Jane Riley’ is draws from that album.
German Press – Link
Doug Adkins [[ Youtube Channel Link ]]
CHARLIE BOSTON (UK) –Track 11 ‘Snowdrop’ (CMNI score 6) Website
Charlie started playing gigs in the early 1970’s and performed at the Edinburgh Festival in 1977 & 1978.  A member of the PRS, his musical interests have always been in song writing and in 1999 he formed the record label and publishing company, Lara Natural Music , which gave rise to his first CD, Truths & Fantasies (2000). He has recorded with some of the finest bluegrass musicians both here and in the States, including Rhonda Vincent, Wayne Benson, Alison Brown, Jim Hurst, Missy Raines, Charlie Cushman, Jimmy van Cleve, Ced Thorose, Nick Pynn, Chris Comac, Laurie Harper and Pete Stanley and he has tracks on two compilation albums distributed in Germany by ZYX Music.
Snowdrop’ made its Hotdisc Top 40 debut with a #36 spot, peaked at #17 and #5 on the UK Chart . It is a self penned song on a yet to appear CD titled Out On The Ridge on the Lara Natural Music label which was founded in 1999 by Charlie Boston in Chelsea, London, England.
Verdict: Nice arrangement but shouldn’t this be a January / February release. Snowdrops in summer and the ground thick with snow.
TIM McKAY (UK) – Track 12 ‘Feels Like Home’ – Website
This track by Tim McKay debuted on the HotdiscTop 40 at # 37 (Sept 11, 2011 chart) and peaked at #32 two weeks later and failed to make a showing on the Top 10 of the British & Irish chart. Written by Shane Stevens this appears as track 5 on Tim’s latest ten song CD named CHASING DREAMS produced by John Taylor which was released on 19 Aug 2011. I notice that one of the albums tracks features Katrina Rea who is rock stars Chris Rea’s neice. The self released album is currently digitally available online iTunes and CD Baby. STOP PRESS : In a phone interview (Nov 20, 2011) with Allan Watkiss on BBC Radio Sheffield it was announced that Tim has been added to prestigious International Festival of Country Music line up which returns to Wembley Arena on Sunday, February 26th, 2012.
Verdict: Wanted to like this but didn’t connect. Rather weak song and throw-away. I’m sure Tim can improve on this vocal offering.
JACQUELINE VAN DER GRIEND (Netherlands) – Track 13 ‘Car In A Field’ (CMNI score 10+) Website
This wonderful track was written by ace Nashville songwriters Rob Crosby and Chris Thompkins. It made it’s debut at #2 on the Hotdisc Top 40 (Sept 11, 2011) followed by a deserving run of 4 weeks at the top of the charts and maintained a high position since.
Blurb: Jacqueline van der Griend (photo) , is one of the leading ladies of the Dutch country scene. At age eight she began her musical career by taking her first guitar lessons. At the age of fifteen, she performed for the first time with her ​​first band. After singing in various pop, rock and cover bands she decided to replace Ilse Delange in the country’s best country band Cash On Delivery (photo) as lead vocalist and playing acoustic guitar and writing songs. COD’s success is partly due to the musical growth of Jacqueline.
In 2000, 2003-2005 and 2007 she received a “Gram Award” for Best Female Singer at the DCMA Awards. One of her idols is Emmylou Harris covering songs “Juanita,” “Beneath Still Waters” and Neil Young’s “Long May You Run” on an album titled SINGS THE HITS OF EMMYLOU HARRIS. Jacqueline works regularly with recording artist Ruud Hermans.
There is an album planned and more songs from the pen of Rob Crosby’s and from Ruud Hermans will follow. One of the songs “All Of My Life” was written with Rob just before the arrival of her son Ryan born on December 17, 2010. Also there are plans to go to America.
Verdict: What an introduction. Very immediate and love Jacqueline’s voice. Feel good, great hooks. Quite cinematic, well written by top songwriters! It’s a winner –
Listen on [[ Youtube ]]
SAM MILLAR (UK) – Track 14 ‘Same Roots, Different Fruits’ (CMNI score 6) Website
This song is Sam Millar’s new single and debuted at #30 on the chart and moved up to #24 and gained a #8 place on The British & Irish chart. Previously Sam’s song ‘Saturday Night’ held the #1 spot for 4 weeks in August 2009 on that compiled British Hotdisc chart.
Blurb: From an Irish family at the age of seven Sam Millar stood alongside his family performing traditional Pop & Country Music standards of the time. His father taught him to play the guitar, the young Sam began listening to a wide variety of artists as diverse as Johnny Cash, Glen Campbell and the Eagles to
Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney and Liberace, all of whom were to shape hisfuture career in different ways.
His many Performances, in clubs and pubs prepared him well for what was to become a lifetime love of music. Sam’’s roots in Pop and Country Music proved an influence on his on going song writing career and in late 2002 he sent a demo of his material to the head of CMR Nashville. From this he met the owner Lee Williams, who told him: “Pack your bags, you’’re going to Nashville!”.
In 2010 Sam was nominated for a prestigious music award, ‘The Horizon Award’ granted by the ‘British Country Music Awards’. Sam started 2011 with a ‘NCM Radio Award’ for having a 5 week long run at the No. 1 spot in the NCM Charts in 2010 which was presented to him by legendary country music artist, George Hamilton IV. A video of his title cut “Saturday Night” (CD Review) has been shown on The Phil Mack Show which Sam lit up with lights on his shirt in Liberace flash fashion!. Sam is delighted that dancers, too, are enjoying his music and in particular ‘Saturday Night’ which has been been choreographed to become a line dance favourite. Sam who is a resident in Essex, went to Nashville to record it which was the follow-up to his debut, recorded some 10 years earlier. (iTunes Link)
Sam graced the cover of the 2010 December issue of Country Routes Magazine in 2010. At the 2011 BCMAwards he was nominated for Christian Country Act Of The Year.
Verdict: It’s a grower, easy on the ear. As self penned just scrapes a 6
ACE DIAMOND – Track 15 ‘Break It Easy, Easy To Me’ –
This is another Hotdisc offering from Ace Diamond (aka Richard E. Gowell) the Inde artist who hails from AUBURN, Maine, Un. The self penned track is included on Ace’s album BLOCKBUSTER HITS & ORIGINALS on his own record label Allagash Country Records. The track was received heavy promotion on Internet station CMR Nashville under the Django Promotions umbrella. The song debuted on the Hotdisc Top40 at a lowly #39 (Sept 11 Chart) and moved up to peak at #25 on Oct 2, 2011
Blurb: “Ace Diamond has NEW fantastic CD just released in April 2011 !.. Ace Diamond’s “BLOCKBUSTER HITS & ORIGINALS” (20 great Tunes).This is a terrific, fun & entertaining album which mixes great Classics with some promising new originals by the artist! It’s a “Must Have” collector’s item from this veteran international Singer/Songwriter from New England !! This CD is widely considered to be his best effort to date!! “
To make your own mind up check out his songs here
HOLMES and BOND (UK) – Track 16 ‘The Man In Black’ – Website
Their self-penned song written about Johnny Cash made its Hotdisc Top 40 appearance at #22 and rose to #15 and peaked at #3 on the British & Irish chart.
Blurb: Holmes & Bound are a UK singer-songwriter country/rock/blues duo. They are composed of Grace Holmes and Aaron Bond and were formed in 2008 and released their debut single that peaked at #4 in the UK INDEPENDENT TOP 20 and BRITISH AND IRISH TOP 10. After receiving rave reviews from radio stations throughout Europe and Australia, Holmes & Bond were also invited to feature on the Best Of British Country compilation CD in 2008. Both members have extensive performance experience and previous to the duo forming had successes with other projects, ranging from performing at intimate showcases to headlining festivals to audiences of 10,000.
Holmes & Bond are currently writing, recording and producing their debut EP LIVING DAY BY DAY which was due to be available for download on iTunes from October but has yet to appear?.
Listen on [[ Youtube ]]
CHIP TAYLOR – Track 17 ‘This Darkest Day’ (CMNI score 6) – Website
This is an exclusive moving tribute single. Chip Taylor was due to play at Down on the Farm, outside Halden, Norway, when terror hit the capital city, Oslo, and the island of Utøya on the 22nd of July, 2011.
When the festival was canceled, Taylor wrote this hymn-like song “This Darkest Day” (feat. Paal Flaata, Ida Jenshus), and performed it at a vigil in the Halden Brygga Culture Hall, together with musicians Paal Flaata, Fats Kaplin and Gøran Grini.
Youth that escaped from the island were present in the hall. Watch on [[ Youtube ]] – [[ iTunes ]]
In his road journal JUL 30, 2011 (HALDEN – ATHLETIC RECORDING STUDIO) Chip writes – “ At the request of many.. for the purpose of recording, “THIS DARKEST DAY” .. to make it available to the Norwegian people. With accompaniment from Goran Greenie (piano), Farts Kaplan (fiddle) , Terry (bass) .. with Paul Flaata on vocals .. the plan is to send the tracks quickly to Ida Jenshus to add her vocals ..
WE TRACKED YESTERDAY .. it sounds great!! … mixing today “
On this darkest day, Lord – we will stand together / Can’t you hear their voices – rising from above
On this darkest day, Lord – evil can’t divide us / Shine your light upon us – on this darkest day
On this darkest day, Lord – a distant bell is ringing / I hear children singing – it’s part of his plan
Sounds that break the silence – soft & warm around us / Will bind our hearts forever – on this darkest day
Blurb: James Wesley Voight (born March 21, 1940) and raised in Yonkers, New York, he began his love affair with music early in life. Better known by his stage name as Chip Taylor, is prolific American songwriter, who is known for writing the songs “Angel of the Morning” and “Wild Thing.” He is the brother of actor Jon Voight and geologist Barry Voight. In the early 60’s Chet Atkins heard a few of Chip’s country songs and said it was hard to believe that he was born and raised in New York. Chet started recording several C.T. compositions with artists he was producing and Chip had his first big hit as a country songwriter with Bobby Bare’s version of “Just A Little Bit Later On Down The Line.
When Chip first saw fiddle player Carrie Rodriguez play at the South by Southwest Music Festival in Austin Texas in 2001, he was not only wowed by the brilliance he heard in her playing, but also sensed a magical presence. He invited her to join him on some subsequent shows in Texas and then a tour of Europe… and the rest is history.
Verdict: Needs time to absorb the nuances. Although dark it has a nice quality about it. The female vocal is a bonus.
AMY AMES – Track 18 ‘No Beer Here’ – Website
This song written by Amy Ames and Eddie Hedges appears as Track 9 on her 14-song set CD AMY AMES on Grand Channel Records (CDX). In a DISClaimer Single Review by Music Row the Nashville magazine publication (8/3/11) said – “This toe tapper has zippy fiddling, dandy banjo plunking and hilarious backup men practically burping their lines. The whole thing is so goofy and zany that it doesn’t even matter that she can just barely sing. Must be heard to be believed “
It peaked at #27 on the Hotdisc Top 40 on Oct 2, 2011 chart . American Idol’s guitarist, Tony Pulizzi, plays the acoustic, electric and bass guitar on new self titled album and came into the studio to play on her Christmas project.
Regarding her website Amy is currently dedicating it to her son who has Autism/Asperger’s Syndrome.
Blurb: Ames was born and raised in Duluth, Minnesota and graduated from East High School. She went on to college to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Minnesota, where she graduated cum laude. After graduating, she moved to Texas to teach elementary school and invested her time in graduate studies at The University of Texas, Pan American. She also got married and started a family in Southern Texas. Initially, Ames and her daughter, Jackie Martinez, started writing zany commercials together, which were later formed into songs.
After writing songs and recording, Ames titled her first upbeat effort, You Bug Me, Honey!, which has earned her the crown of “Country Music’s Funniest Woman.” Her second project reflects on her own personal journey, All God’s Children Living with Autism, which further shares the joys and challenges of raising a child with autism. Her autistic son, Sam, 14 is now working on his own classical music CD.
OWEN MOORE (UK) – Track 19 ‘Baby, Let’s Drive’ – Website
As far as I understand Owen hails from Southbourne on the South coast of England. On his Myspace he says “ I’m a guitar player and songwriter, in that order, (but I’m going to try to turn that around as time goes on)….I play guitar as much as I can get away with, and try to write a song or two when the notion takes me
Independent artist Owen Moore self penned this song and it is to appear on his CD titled Windswept Songs On A Broken Guitar (Optimum). It debuted at #23 on the Hotdisc top 40 on Sept 11, 2011. It peaked at #16 and secured a #4 place on the British & Irish Chart.
LUCKY TUBB (USA) – Track 20 ‘Bachelor Man’ (CMNI score 6) Website
Lucky Tubb ( yes lucky – see photo) hails from Austin Texas. This song propped up the Hotdisc Top 40 chart on Sept 18, 2011 and peaked at #36. The self penned song is the lead-off track on the CD: Del Goucho (Shack Rouser- The Country Side of Rhythm Bomb Records) Website and is one of three brand new Lucky Tubb albums on Rhythm Bomb Records.
The review states: “If Ernest Tubb is the King of Honky Tonk music, then Lucky Tubb is surely the Prince” Choosing to carry out the legacy of his great-uncle, Lucky’s style is reminiscent to the raw and original country style of the earliest Nashville artists. Bottom line, Lucky Tubb is the real deal. If you like Hank Williams III, Wayne Hancock or just good old 1950s hillbilly music, Lucky Tubb is the right choice “
The band consists of Lucky Tubb (Vocals/Guitar), Will Owen Gage (Lead Pickin’), Casey Gill (Doghouse Bass) & Natalie Monson (Fiddle/Vocals)
Blurb: “If Ernest Tubb is the King of Honky Tonk music, then Lucky Tubb is surely the Prince” Choosing to carry out the legacy of his great-uncle, Lucky’s style is reminiscent to the raw and original country style of the earliest Nashville artists. Before music row forgot their heritage. Lucky Tubbs album “Generations” was recorded in January of 2003, after a devastating Christmas Eve house fire burned away all of his belongings……Lucky wears his life experiences like a well-tailored suit with the sleeves ripped off. In the early days, despite poor management, heavy drinking, and quick temper (alongside many acclaimed honky-tonkers and country legends), he has grown to realize the responsibilities bestowed to him through heritage. Bottom line, Lucky Tubb is the real deal. People will always like good honky-tonk music, and will for generations to come.
Verdict: Classic sound though a little muddied maybe a deliberate ploy?
LUCKY TUBB – Track 21 ‘Cowtown Boogie’ (CMNI score 6) Website
This song again was written by Lucky used to promote the CD: Del Goucho and appears on it as track 6. It fared better peaking at #26 on the Hotdisc Top 40 on the Oct 2, 2011 chart.
Verdict: A Lots of Tex-Mex boogie and rockabilly thrown into the mix producing an authentic and true sound.
Livewire (dated 25 Nov 2011)

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