Hillbilly Wayne – Whiskey on My Breath

CD Review: Hillbilly Wayne – Whiskey on My Breath

by Antony Bailey for Country Music News International

It is almost a year since Hillbilly Wayne released his single ‘’Whiskey On My Breath’’ and is available on multiple platforms. The song has much more of a traditional country feel both lyrically and instrumentally and is one of several singles to have been released towards the end of last year. The eight-bar instrumental intro leads into the first verse, and the opening line is ‘’He spent 4 days a week, with a Bottle in his hand, Leading up for Sunday Morning, trying to save a soul again’’ immediately depicts an image of a priest battling alcoholism whilst trying to help his community combat their own demons and woes that life throws at them.

I think this song will resonate with a lot country listeners around the world regardless of whether or not you are religious or indeed even a fan of country music. ‘’There’s a place down on the corner, where no-one knows his name And He’ll pray for forgiveness, While Trying to ease his pain’’ can be understood as drinking to ease the trauma whist praying for forgiveness and trying to find ways to help his community through their troubles.

The song takes you on brief journey of heartbreak and hopelessness in the sense that we all go through difficult times at different life stages, and we often find it easier to ease the pain of others rather than focusing on and tackling our own issues. The music enables the message to flow and find its way into the listeners ears in a more subtle and therapeutic way. The song itself is quite gentle in terms of timbre and tempo despite the song being full both instrumentally and vocally. The softer dynamic approach enables a powerful message to be delivered lyrically as the song, albeit heavily focused on country, has the power to resonate with anybody who is willing to listen to the meaning behind the song.

I personally like the song as it reminds me of my own personal experiences growing up in a small town where I attended a Church of England School and learnt how influential religion can be on decision making and people’s lives in general. I recommend it to any country fan as it is certainly worth a listen.

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