GLORIA NIHART – America, The Land That I Love

GLORIA NIHART – America, The Land That I Love

America, The Land That I Love – Israel Shall
Blossom And Bud – I’m Glad I Have Jesus – This Could Be The Moment –
The Rose Of Sharon – My Hweavenly Home – The Flare Prayer (Annie’s Song)
– There Are No Treasures – God Bless Our Nation
At last, at last, a CD of original patriotic songs I can
listen to, understand, and relate to.  There’s lots of music makers
writing songs right and left just to sell a few CD’s.  That’s not really
what patriotic songs are or should be about.  When Francis Key wrote
“The Defense of Fort McHenry” he wasn’t writing to sell songs.  Matter
of fact he changed the name to the “Star Spangled Banner” when President
Madison first heard it, and then later it became our national anthem. 
Gloria Nihart is an Indian lady who lives in Minnesota.  She first
played some of her songs for me at our festival in LeMars.  I was
impressed then, but not nearly so much as now.  This project is more
than just a very very good patriotic song collection.  I believe Gloria
Nihart may be somewhat of a prophet, because she not only sings about
the United States of America, she also sings about things she sees in
her heart and her mind.  Sometimes this is called the ‘sight’ and I 
believe what she sees is something happening in the future.  Her voice
is incredibly crisp, easy to listen to, right on the mark, and very easy
to understand.  Do you remember that lady in Scotland? So-called pros
made fun of her attire on a talent show.  They called her dowdy.  And,
then she began to sing, and she absolutely blew those cowardly accusers
away.  That’s what Gloria Nihart is doing.  She has found some really
good backing musicians that also understand her music.  She is in
exactly the right key and she is exactly doing what she should be doing.
If you need a pick-me-up about America, this is it.  I just love
artists that write and sing from the heart.  Not for money, mind you,
for the absolute beauty of it, and Gloria Nihart is a very beautiful
woman.  Off to the Rural Roots Music Commission for this lovely
patriotic project.
Bob Everhart, reviewer 

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