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GINNY PETERS – Great Speckled Bird


Great Speckled Bird
Great Speckled Bird – Roll On By Muddy Water
– I Had To Know The Bad Times – That’s What Love Does – Sweet Gentle
Saviour Of Mine – Jesus Pleading Now For Me – I Found A Pearl – God’s
Home Coming Reunion – Freedom’s Only A Whisper Away – You Alone Are
Worthy – I Can Climb Walls – I Would If I Could – Mystery Of God
Ginny Peters is New Zealand’s classic country superstar. 
Over the years she has provided her faithful fans and new listeners to
the very core of what classic country music is all about.  Classic
country music is not really a ‘stop in time’ or a ‘fit the mold’ kind of
music.  It’s a rural down-home kind of music that not only comes from
the heart it touches the heart. That’s what Ginny Peters has done for
more than 60 years, and honestly her voice is as ‘real’ and as ‘gentle’
and as ‘true’ today as it has ever been.  Even more, this petite woman
with a strength difficult to understand, is a ‘real’ country music
songwriter.  She qualifies in every circumstance.  She writes from the
heart.  She writes from real experiences.  She writes to tell the
truth.  She is a ‘gifted’ woman.  How can someone listening to someone
sing say that?  Not easy.  Good songs have to give the listener a little
chill.  That’s one way.  It has to give the listener goose bumps,
that’s what my mom would say, and what I would say.  Ginny Peters gives
me goose bumps.  Another very conclusive way to know is that it makes
the hair on the back of your neck stand up.  Here I sit, cold,
goosebumps and unruly hair on the back of my neck.  These are all
measuring sticks that country folks use to tell if the singer and
songwriter is doing something that moves them.  This particular CD has
all of those elements. It’s a compilation of several years endeavor, and
it represents some of the very best of Ginny Peters, going all the way
back to her days working with Cliffie Stone and RCA-Victor records. 
This particular CD is already gathering some worthy and justifiable
airplay around the world.  And it should be noted that Ginny’s name is
listed on every song as a writer or co-writer except the Great Speckled
Bird.  What a beautiful way to introduce a new listener to some
incredibly good ‘real’ country music.  The entire project is worthy of
#1 around the world.  Hopefully it will make it to America where our
country music listeners are so longing to hear some ‘real’ country
music.  Musicians are not listed, but they are all excellent, from an
incredibly good fiddle to the Dobro and all those wonderful in-between
instruments that makes country music so special.  Lest I forget, there
are also some soulfully written and sung gospel songs on this project
that not only rings true about what they are saying, but ringing true
just like a bell calling us to church.  Get the bags packed Errol, this
CD is going to wrack up every point possible for Classic Country CD of
the Year.
Bob Everhart, Reviewer, www.ntcma.net

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