Help My Brother
Help My Brother – Walkin’ West To Memphis –
Dixie – Frozen In Time – He Can Be Found – Singing As We Rise – Want Vs.
Need – I’ll Love Nobody But You – Just Lovin’ You – Talk To Me – One
Car Funeral – Safe Passage
     I received “Help My Brother” by the Gibson Brothers, from
Keith Levy of New Frontier Touring down Nashville way.  I’ve already
heard a lot about these New York brothers, especially in our area when
they took the SPBGMA 2012 “song of the year”  down Missouri way.  This
is their 10th recorded project.  To my way of thinking, bluegrass music
is the ‘real’ country music of America.  So called ‘country’ music
today has turned into bubble-gum pop with no strings attached.  There
are plenty of ‘strings attached’ with the Gibson Brothers.  They might
be from New York, but they’re from farm country.  They grew up doing
exactly what their title song describes…. helping their brothers. 
They grew up in a Christian atmosphere, well endowed on them from loving
parents and grand parents. Old time country music was always ‘story’ songs, helpful hints, history, love won, love lost, and certainly a good-time beat
with a little yodel throwed in for helpful memory.  Sure the Gibson’s
yodel, especially when they are walking west to Memphis.
     Vocally the brothers have that little ‘touch’ that makes their
sincerity stand out, just like it should.  Not over done, just natural
honest to goodness ‘gift’ of voice.  Add to that their very pleasant
ability to put words to music and call it their own.  Some of these
original songs are incredibly valid as snippets of life from the past to
life of tomorrow. Add a dallop of harmony, no make that a whole ton of
‘brother’ harmony and you have the main line.  Reminds me of how well
the Everly Brothers sang in their early years in Iowa.  Being an old
friend of Charlie Louvin, I hear him and Ira in what these Gibson boys
are doing.  Eric Gibson is a solid Deering banjo picker, and Leigh
Gibson is a solid very old Martin guitar picker, sweet clean old young
     Much like the Roys, from Massachusetts, with similar music
patterns and helpers, the Gibson Brothers added the ‘just right’
accompanists to create this absolutely delightful bluegrass acoustic
sound.  Joe Walsh on mandolin, Mike Barber on bass, and the just right
‘touch’ of Clayton Campbell’s fiddle.  And a fiddler ‘touch’ he is!
     They added a few other ‘touchs’ to this project too, Ricky
Skaggs on “Singing As We Rise”, Claire Lynch and Allison Brown on “Talk
To Me.” How refreshing that is.
     No wonder they took the 2012 International Bluegrass Music Association “Entertainers of the Year” award. 

Bob Everhart

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