Gary Lee Tolley a man that made his dream comes true!

Gary Lee Tolley a man that made his dream comes true!

From the Mountains of Virginia, where his passion already began, young at age. Singing
in the school or at the church, he liked it so much and it grew with every day.
When he finished High School, he
joined the army and his musical initial had a break. It stopped for a while, but
it was still there. He sang and performed, when he got the opportunity to do
so. In 1985, when he was positioned in Germany, he started to play guitar.

When he was retired from military service, he start
building up his career with a kind of constancy and on that way, he find a few
fans that followed him, and it grew when time went by.
Gary is also a winner of the Grammy for Independent artists,
with his Tybee Time CD. He was so changeable like a chameleon; he started to be
a singer, a songwriter and record producer, he switched in between those three
jobs and he felt good about it.
A lot of people compared his voice to big stars and legends
like Kenny Chesney, Roy Orbison or Elvis Presley, but he wasn´t a copy of them.
He was his own maker, his own personality and he made his own kind of music. In
between real country music and blue grass, you could spread it in a lot of
directions. That made him so special and the fact, that he wants to tell a
story with his songs and give it a touch of funny tale. He is a real
storyteller, with a warm and pleasurable voice. Of course he was influenced by
other artist like Hank Williams and Elvis, but he created the country singer
Gary Lee Tolley by himself.
Gary´s career took him a long way and so in 2012 he had about
100000 votes in a radio contest, and that made him to come to Las Vegas, where
he was guest on Fox 5 TV and in the Palace Station Casino. There he performed
his song “She’s Gone”.
Gary´s Cd release made him appear in Nashville, where he
recorded with the best musician, he could find. He produced “Thanks A Lot”, his
5th CD project.
Now he is on his way again to the Music City Nashville to
record his 5th studio CD. He already made 6 music Cd´s and a Christmas CD at
home. So Gary is a quite busy man and on his travel through time he landed a
few hits, and when you see him perform, you know that this is the place, where
he belongs.
To end this article, I think it would be nice to quote his
own words; he used to give once to a reporter, which interviewed him.

So this is what Gary Lee Tolley told him: quote,
“Performing music was not part of growing up in my immediate family. We would
listen to country music on the stereo on Sunday afternoons with my parents, but
no one played an instrument. I remember listening to Elvis and Chuck Berry with
my brother and sister. I went to dances with my older sister in the late 50s
and I remember dancing the “Twist” with my sister’s classmates. I had aunts,
uncles and cousins that played music, through. I remember visiting my uncle one
time and he and his sons were playing on the front porch and I remember
thinking how magical it seemed. To be able to make music and sing and put
smiles on people´s faces. It was like a cool drink of water, when you are
thirsty, or a good meal, when you are hungry. People have always enjoyed music,
it creates magic. I remember thinking; I want to be able to do that!”,unquote.

So I think there is nothing left to say!
You can also find Gary Lee Tolley on the following links
Article by Gaby Agrikola for Country Music News International

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