Gabby Barrett – Goldmine

CD Review: Gabby Barrett – Goldmine

by Dyah Ikhsanti for Country Music News International


Songs list:

  1. I Hope 3:31
  2. Thank God 2:59
  3. Write It on My Heart 3:00
  4. Footprints on the Moon 3:10
  5. You’re the Only Reason 3:00
  6. Goldmine 2:42
  7. The Good Ones 3:35
  8. Jesus & My Mama 3:31
  9. Hall of Fame 3:21
  10. Got Me (feat. Shane & Shane) 3:56
  11. Rose Needs a Jack 2:46
  12. Strong 3:26
  13. I Hope (feat. Charlie Puth) 3:30


When listening to this album, all I can say is Gabby Barrett has vocal. No matter what the song is, you just keep being reminded of how strong her vocal is.

Goldmine serves you songs with various stories and brings you to various mood. You get the heartbreak from I Hope, but then comes the sheer of relieve from Thank God. Of course, you are invited to be in love again with The Good Ones and be optimistic with Rose Needs a Jack.

Here are some songs that I cannot get enough of, and hopefully you come to like them too.

I Hope

This album is opened with a breakup song. I Hope has two versions, solo version and duet version. In the duet version, Gabby partnered with Charlie Puth.

The song feels really emotional, especially during the chorus part. Gabby sang it as if she had conversation with her ex. During this part, actually there is no aggressive drum or guitar, but that makes her vocal stands out even more.

I think this is a song that you want to perform in the shower, or just to make you sit with your feeling after a heartbreak.

You’re the Only Reason

If you listen the songs in this album, it seems that each song represents a phase of someone in a love story. You’re the Only Reason is about someone started to be in love again after a heartbreak.

This song shows a character development from the previous songs. In which she started to trust and open her heart to someone who was with her during her “healing” time.

The melody and music arrangement make the song feels cheerful and sweet. The overall music, lyrics, and vocal add up to the story that Gabby Barrett wanted to tell.


I think I know why Goldmine is the title of this album. Goldmine talks about not giving up on love.

The story is about a girl that finally found the right one for her after searching for a long time. This song is the climax of the whole story. In this phase, the character finally found her love and everything finally felt perfect. This is a phase when someone is in euphoria because they just “hit the jackpot”.

I can feel a lot of rock in this song rather than the other songs, which made the song sounds more aggressive. But everything fits perfectly with the phase of love story that this album wanted to serve.

The Good Ones

This is a sweet love song about someone that is ready to stay in a relationship. If Goldmine is about the euphoria phase when the character finally found someone perfect for her. While The Good Ones is a bout the comfortable phase, where someone passed the euphoria phase. When someone is ready to be comfortable and settle.

The comfortable emotion well expressed by overall music arrangement and the melody. In which the song sounds softer on ears compared to Goldmine.

Gabby also delivered a message about being optimist in finding love even after heartbreaks by saying these lines.

We should find us one

They’re out there, minus one

Rose Needs a Jack

This is a fun love song, in which she used the Titanic reference, Rose and Jack.

The song expresses that the character in this album finally realize that she cannot live alone without a lover in her life.

Rose Needs a Jack sounds easy listening and not boring. I recommend this song when you want something sounds chill but still fun. Even though it is not an upbeat song, you can still move with the beat.

So, which part of the love story that you are in right now? I think I will never get bored of saying that one of the reasons I like country songs is because they tell stories, and Gabby Barrett delivered it well with Goldmine.




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