Eric Burgett – Pass it On

CD Review: Eric Burgett – Pass it On

by Joanna Demee for Country Music News International


Swing Low, Sweet Old Cadillac 3:31

Raised 3:27

Nowhere Roads 3:40

Pass it On 3:23

Town You Never Heard Of


I am having a tea with honey, and I am about to review Eric, with his album, Pass it On.

Swing Low, Sweet old Cadillac.

Eric, you’re killing me. I’m watching his video clip that is somewhere in a field and looks like it is summer there. Looks like Eric has lots of fun filming his music video, and with the lyrics as well describing a chill life, I have to say that I totally miss summer now. “Nice and easy, slow and breezy” that’s the mood I want to have while tanning in an exotic coast and drinking cocktails. Anyone with me?



Talks about small things in life, like cool breeze, blue skies, rainy days etc, and that’s how he was raised, with all those small stuff. He’s appreciate the good days and small things in life. A happy song to hype you throughout the day.


Nowhere Roads,

A relaxing intro starts, and then this song is somewhat different than the others. His voice sounds like he keeps lots of thoughts to himself and wants to speak up. This is a song about the people who’ve been told that it’s a nowhere road if they take a certain career path, but what they were offered to do instead was not for them.


I must admit, Eric brought me a nostalgic mood about summer in his first track, but then he reminded me that small things matter. It is the rain, it’s the cookies on my table, every little detail that we don’t appreciate because we take things for granted. So I will grab my tea with honey and go sit by the window to appreciate the stormy night. Well, as it’s beginning to look like Christmas, but not in my house. It’s the first year that I haven’t decorated, I am not in a festive spirit, so I’ll Pass you On to Eric, so he can bring you some Christmas joy with his song Christmas Morning that was released a month ago. That is a bonus song for you to hear.




Reporting for Country Music News International

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