Empty Chairs: A Story in Poetry by Jeremy Frost

Chairs: A Story in Poetry
Jeremy Frost
love for words leads to lovely worlds.
Frost’s poetry book, Empty Chairs, is a drifting to such worlds,
worlds in moments.
I have to rephrase that first sentence: One’s love reflected in
words leading to lovely worlds.
poems in Empty Chairs are more than words. There is a sweet sensation
in the soul as one reads line after line, stanza after stanza. They
cannot be just words, there must be something more in those poems,
for such sweetness does not spring from mere words.
surmise, the flavor does not come from words, it springs from the
poet’s boldness, there is action in every line, and meaning in each
action, the beauty does not come from the words, the sweetness does
not flow from mere letters.
I have to rephrase the first sentence: One’s love borrowed by words
flowing to lovely worlds.
approximate words merely hold the shape of the moment through which
the poet’s soul moves, like a river, flowing, borrowing the shapes
of the slopes. How can words be in themselves the poet’s existence?
Frost’s poetry is not mere words leading to worlds. It just cannot
be, otherwise there will be no sweetness in the soul, no movement, no
it, what moves the reader in Frost’s poems are not the words, in
fact what defines his poems is the very act of defining and
re-defining poetry itself, not with words but with the act merely
made visible by the slopes, by the poems in words yet more than
words, the very act that springs from his rebellion against the
commonplace and the mundane, claiming his originality in the present
moment when poetry itself may also claim its newness in its original
is consistently exploring a newly discovered island. The discovery
made possible because he dared to make it possible. That’s where
the sweet sensation in the soul comes from, it springs from the
landfall of discovery, from the rich possibilities of existence.
I have to rephrase the first sentence: One’s love made visible and
tangible by words leading to lovely worlds in original moments.
Chairs is a book that is worth a peep, a read and a re-read, for
though poems are made of words, lines and stanzas, Frost’s poetry
is pure existence and its perfume of possibilities.
by Edwin Cordevilla

– the author of
and Other Poems

(published in 2000),
Occasions of Air, Fire, Water, Earth

(2012), and the non-traditional epic poem
Thousand Lines Project For World Peace

(2013) In the introductions of three books on Philippine literary
history and literary criticism, namely,
Likhaan Anthology of Philippine Literature in English from 1900 to
the Present

(University of the Philippines Press,1998)
A Habit of Shores: Filipino Poetry and Verse from English,60’s to
the 90’s
of the Philippines Press,1999) : and
Critical Villa: Essays in Literary Criticism

(Ateneo de Manila University Press,2002) , Cordevilla is viewed as
the last of the Filipino Romantic poets in English.

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