Elle King Come Get Your Wife

CD Review: Elle King – Come Get Your Wife

By Stanley Mwene For Country Music News International Magazine

  1. Ohio
  2. Before You Met Me
  3. Try Jesus
  4. Drunk (And Don’t Wanna Go Home)
  5. Lucky
  6. Worth A Shot
  7. Tulsa
  8. Crawlin’ Mood
  9. Bonafide
  10. Blacked Out
  11. Out Yonder
  12. Love Go By

Little History Of Elle King

King was born on 3rd July, 1989 in Los Angeles California.  Her parents divorced and her mother remarried. She grew up in living in Ohio, between Wellston an Columbus. When she was nine, her step father, Justin Tesa, gave her a record by All-Female Hard –Rock Band The Dnnas. She sees this as her motivation. when she decided to be a musician. At this time also, she started listening to The Runways and Blonde

At the age of 13 years, King started playing guitar, whereby she joined various bands. Her interest in the country and bluegrass of Hank Williams and Earl Scruggs inspired her to learn the banjo. During her teenage years, she attended Buk’s Rock camp in Connecticut, where she starred successfully in a number of musicals.

Ohio. It is an amazing love song. Little children can be heard underground coupled with powerful rhythms. Show me, sing no back both swing called off back day been with the kids. He has been going too round. They will not be lack and garner as she sees round. Will good, will be gone wrong. He needs to go round, go far as crossing. Life does not pull off fashion.

Now, there is a song. Tell her about what he needs they pull too to the rim. She will let him to the learner. She will let him cry. She will let him be back to the way. He was such a killer. Maybe she has to be back. He needs to stop to see sweet love he is always longing to. She won’t be back.

Before You Met Me. This is an amazing romantic song. Say she have met him on the face could be a little longer while. Mum let her go they can meet as Christians. Tell him real, could never future be abandoned. This will tell that he wishes her good life. Already, she knows him, would he be honest? She wonders.

She was with that doing what he says. He needs to just tell her. Does he see anyone else? She is worried with his love. Is she the only one? She keeps asking herself. Does he real know her? Could they stay without and differences? She is almost sad. She was dreaming. How she wishes they can stay together.

She was doing that He needs to tell her which is they need to be. She will live as the only. Does he real know her? They will know if they will be together. She is almost for him ‘babe’. She was almost dreaming. He needs to reach to her. Does he need anyone else? She keeps wondering. He needs to know her.

Try Jesus. A Mary goes about, he likes drinking and smoking. He was found until he has with the kid in the barn. Her life is full of stray. She has found her with Mary on her way. She did some changes and left. Always, she is broken. She is thinking of her as she is coming.

Aaah Jesus she would be there first. She came into touching Jesus. She had every maiden. Missing eh halleluiah hey freed Mary. Jesus has been born. To her, it was fame. For he, he was different. She believed him (Jesus). She had nothing giving him. Thinking he will be given manna.

Aaah Jesus. She was the first to get there as see him. She was singing halleluiah. Mary had given born to Jesus. Aaah Jesus they should love and be cheerful. Coming down lovely. No need to strike now. Why could they see Mary with the burner? She wonders. She gonna try to touch Jesus. She will be the first thinking touching Jesus. Can they sing halleluiah.

Drunk (And Don’t Wanna Go Home). This is a very powerful romantic song which starts…. She cast in the morning, she can leave dancing. Somebody is not ready singing. They met in the bar drinking whiskey and she doesn’t know who he is. He is Tam. Who gonna fill that? She wonders. Who is he to her? She keeps asking herself.

So what could he tell her. He tells her ‘welcome baby’. They need to go together. He is still around. He tells her ‘babe’. They wanna go together. They can be together. Don’t they be together tonight. They don’t need to go home together. There are in the bar together.

They are in the bar together and they need to understand each other. He is tired. He likes kissing as as he knows, that is so sweet. He can also touch her because she is missing him but he doesn’t need to marry her. Who gonna feel it. Who is going to her heart? She wonders.

He needs to kiss her ‘babe’. He doesn’t need to go. She told him he doesn’t need to go home. They need to spend time together in the bar. Could they go tonight. He wanna need not to go. He should be there to kiss her. Then he says “babe, I am joking, I won’t go home”. Nothing is really farther will need to carry each other. They are going to be together tonight.

Lucky. The song starts; She has been lonely, she has been far, she has been confused, she has been alone. Taking along prejudice sap. Being reputation getting things go oh loving things go. This is only one way doing things.

She will let him to be doing something as he chooses and let her who don’t listen. She is broken and show her way. He does not care owning her. Could he meet her lives? She wonders. She can go. She has been empty having been alone. They are still learning. She can go and do something.

She is broken and can see. she can care on her own. Please let him go she can allow him. She can go and rock. There is something she can do. He doesn’t listen and she is already broken. Now, she should allow him to choose. Please, let him allow her to do her own things. She is gonna and rock alone.

What A Shot. This is an amazing romantic song… They have been strangers. Now, both touch so they are super busy with conversation because she can whistle. She is ready to give herself upon them. When she can be lying on her chest to the tree. Nothing balloons, they can still face each other (they are already in love). ‘Babe’ sweet, they shall need to be together.

They need to hold together. He shall not lose his patience. They will need to be together. They both will not loosen (will be in love). They will together make themselves love each other. They will make themselves get back yes. Her plea is to always feel warm (loved).

She knows he has been thinking of her. They need to make fun often. Maybe, they can stand long before. A little pull from there, they can still fix. ‘Babe’ sweet they shall be together. Thinking sweet, they shall be together.

Tulsa. This is a love song which talks about two love birds which have a strenuous relationship…Fore will be a dismal, she doesn’t do his will. She has to kiss Mike. She had to do nothing to the son of hell. She doesn’t’ need any one, she doesn’t need a Tulsa. He has to come. He could be more wrong. He does not need to keep there.

Together life is peaceful. He can pick up a Tulsa when he comes back. Whose eyes are common, now he needs to talk. To whom his he fakes she thinks to be with him. Let him do as he says soon. She breaks to him as always back to Tulsa.

He needs to come back. They need to watch both of them what they are doing. They need to come back to Tulsa.

Crawlin’ Mood. Whiskey and Chiffsy he is history. Kids lives without him and he comes home late night. She begs him to come home and stand as a man. He does not need to come home and give excuses (say…. Say…). Whom has he left children with. He needs to be responsible not drinking too much.

He needs to be at home with her. He needs not to be looking abound ‘babe’. She can’t no longer make that beauty. He need to give her love. Who has he left her ‘babe’ with. He needs to be at home with her. She calls the day too cold without him. Can he apologize.

He needs to Marshall what she is saying. He needs to be back to be with her. He doesn’t need to leave her in coldness. He needs to understand cold moon.

Bonafide. This is also another beautiful love song. She has always gone hinder alongside off track. She is a blonde case features so far the main year. They used to say as they were in in love. He could show some crazy love. He always could not go far away from her in the bar.

Her mum goes to the girl. He always told her he would always crazy bonafide. On far all purple. They went long all ‘babe” (they were already in love). So they were not giving themselves excuses because they were already in love. She was only born around to take her.

She could bet him; he was a crazy born to her. She is so pouring coffee; he should hold her tight. He does not need to leave her. She is crazy bonafide. Bonafide purple. They need to be together. So, he does not need to be far away from her. He only need to be around.

She could treasure to be crazy bonafide. She could love he drops marriage speed. It has been self to rest with crazy bonafide. Bonafide is purple. They need to be together. So there will be no excuses. They both could treasure crazy bonafide.

Blacked Out. This is a powerful romantic song which starts; Walloon so wish him up for the song. Tell the children I she done. They will forever live in the shadows.  Many listen will do but catch down. Each time is doing.

She could not be back for him because he stopped her to love him. She is bidding him goodbye. She wanted to share with him million times. Let him watch her as she is leading twin life. So let him tell her He needs to live in the shadows. Even seeing them.

He needs to leave her even if he is seeing her in his eyes. Memories will never leave however; he needs to catch down. He needs to pitch dinner but he needs to catch down (forget about her). She needs to go back for him because she stole his love. She still loves him.

They do not need to refrain from one another. She needs to deduce his name and catch down (love him). He just stole her love. She still loves him. He does not always need to wish her for. Memories will do catch down. She needs to go back to him because she just stole his love.

Out Yonder. The song starts by posing a questions; Who is doing rhymes? Who is often looks? That is why go unfriendly. Who is in the bar? Whose kids are?  Who is here? Who is on here?  So she says. You said you choose when she is back. She will be back.

Who is to lose? She is back. To take from her you will be Yonder. Who is gonna be few pounds. Whose pins to watch. Who got back down. Who got nothing. Who is in that world. Going basking in the occasions. She doesn’t know but she needs to know. He needs to tell her all those.

She stays away. Choose to tell her or he better loses. He needs to take from her. She stays away. He needs to choose because she is going away. She is no more. He needs to take from face to face. He will be Yonder.

Love Go Boy. This is an amazing romantic song…. To mean tell her she doesn’t not know is she is packing. Why are you treating baby girl each other? She doesn’t not know why God made him. Nose bleed. Let him tell her why he is hiding. She already knows his life. He has been doing again to her.

She is crushing down. She will not go by. He is sometimes she is not ready to go by (love him). He only goes to her when he is in need of something. She calls him ‘babe’ and he needs to change. She can miss whole him. Can he speak what she knows? Could she take her.

He needs to listen and go along her. She is missing him ‘beibe’. She will be crushing down (she loves him so much). Love has to go by. He needs to wash her sometimes and love has to go by.

Love goes deeper every time. She needs to hug her. He needs to say about real love. Why does he gonna swing. She is crushing down but love has to go by. He needs to wash her sometimes. Love has really to go by. He needs to love her.































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