Eileen Carey Don’t Get Me Wrong

                    Rave Reviews For “Don’t Get Me Wrong,” New Single
                           By Award-Winning Pop-Country Recording Artist

Eileen Carey

Eileen Carey Interview On “The Linda Salvin Show” – Monday, Oct. 22/4-7 pm
                                       (Heard Over KCAA 1050 AM)

“Love her vocals!” – Dave Stewart (Eurythmics)
 Eileen in Holland…love her new song!” – Isabel Blanco, 1067 KJUG Country
Great country-type spin Eileen put on that song…putting in rotation!” Songwriters Webcast 
“Eileen did a GREAT job with the track..really sounds amazing!” – Annette Conlon, NetteRadio
“Great song, could be a hit line dance” – Kerris Milligan, Kamikaze Cowgirl
“Powerful vocals on Eileen Carey’s “Don’t Get Me Wrong” – Deb Andersen, The Wimmins Show

  Rave reviews continue to pour in for the hot new single “Don’t Get Me Wrong” by award-winning Pop-Country recording artist, Eileen Carey.
The song is a catchy, uptempo remake of the 1986 Pretenders hit of the
same name, to be included on Carey’s upcoming full-length LP, “Let It Go,” scheduled
for a mid-November 2012 release date. Twitter and Reverbnation have
been abuzz with praise for “Don’t Get Me Wrong,” which can be heard and
purchased here: http://www.reverbnation.com/eileencarey.

  Eileen On The Air: Carey discusses her new forthcoming album and much more during a lively interview on the Linda Salvin ShowMonday, October 22, between 4-7 p.m. (listen live in the Los Angeles area at KCAA Radio 1050 AM; online athttp://kcaaradio.celestrion.net/kcaa-podcasts/salvin/).Also catch eileen interviewed and performing live Thursday, November 15 at 10 a.m. on Hollywood’s popular Actors EChatshow.

  Carey’s catchy blend of Country, Pop, and Rock has
gained her a loyal following through the years, along the way earning
her accolades such as “Dance Artist of the Year” (2010 Los Angeles Music
Awards) and 2009 LAMA “Americana Artist of the Year.” Eileen was
recently selected as an Artist Ambassador by national hair salon chain
Supercuts as part of their “Rock The Cut” campaign, resulting in a huge
spike in her visibility due in part to Supercut’s vast worldwide Social
Media Network. 

  Eileen Giving Back: With
little or no fanfare, The Southern California-based Carey continues to
be passionately involved in numerous charitable causes, and started The Music Mom website
as a networking/support site for mothers making music. Carey’s most
recent album, “Movin’ On,” received worldwide acclaim from reviewers
(see below).

         What The Press Is Saying About Eileen Carey And Her CD “Movin’ On:

Eileen Carey’s voice is a droplet of honey dangling from a hive: glistening, all natural, andinviting…but don’t be fooled by the coating because the woman beneath is strong, confident, and just a
little bit sassy! Lyrically Carey is smart, to the point, and colorful.
Potent lines such as ‘Your lips have lost their poetry’ from the title
track deliver her message with absolute focused precision and flair.
Eileen has something to say and she says it dynamically. An upbeat,
empowering twirling dance that relishes life in the moment and
celebrates the wonder, joy and excitement of what comes next.

“The bold
‘Do I Dare’ is yet one more example of Carey’s versatile talents as a
performer…Critic’s Choice here is ‘Out With The Girls’ – while we’ve
already heard Dolly Parton do this kind of thing decades ago with ‘9 To
5,’ Carey somehow still makes it work with her own personal tuneful
easy on the ears, blue skies and country sunshine – that’s the sounds
of Eileen Carey!! I must admit – although I’m from Texas – I somewhat
tend to favor rock and pop music over country music. But I also must
admit that I thoroughly enjoyed listening to several of Eileen Carey’s
songs when I received them. They got my attention and kept my attention
throughout each of the songs. The bright acoustics, clever lyrics and
crystal clear sounds of Eileen Carey may just be the type of country
music I could really become a  BIG
fan of. Send me more Eileen!!”

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