Eight Years After Her Critically Acclaimed Release, Pearl Aday Drops New Album, “Heartbreak and Canyon Revelry,” on June 15

Eight Years After Her Critically Acclaimed Release, Pearl Aday Drops New Album, “Heartbreak and Canyon Revelry,” on June 15

Releases New Single, “Mama” Today in Tandem with Album Pre-Order


(Nashville, Tenn. May 11, 2018) – Described as a little bit Country and a little bit rock n’ roll, California recording artist Pearl Adaywill follow up her critically acclaimed 2010 debut with her new release, “Heartbreak and Canyon Revelry,”on June 15. The album will be released through newly formed Station House Recordings and distributed worldwide via The Orchard.

 “Mama,” the debut IG track from “Heartbreak and Canyon Revelry,” was released today and can be heard here, giving us a taste of what’s to come. Also starting today, fans can go here to pre-order the album.   

Braving and unearthing many emotions,Pearl
joined forces with Jim Wilson, longtime bassist for Daniel Lanois,
Emmylou Harris, and leader of Motor Sister and Mother Superior, for the
project, and once again proves how she is every inch a rock chanteuse
who seamlessly moves from vulnerable to guttural in one measure.  The
dynamic duo co-wrote the first ten tracks of “Heartbreak and Canyon
Revelry;” with the final track, “Let It Go,” being an original version
of a Mother Superior tune.

by Jay Ruston, “Heartbreak and Canyon Revelry,” is the natural
evolution from 2010’s “Little Immaculate White Fox,” which was cited as
not only “a noble debut” but tapped as leaving “a huge impact on the
music scene” with “new female rock icon” Pearl likened to Ann Wilson, KT
Tunstall, and Shania Twain.

11-track album takes its title from two central events in Pearl’s life:
her move to Topanga Canyon with her husband Scott and the birth of
their son, Revel Young, now almost 7 years old.  Pearl commented about
the project’s development, saying,“This
album is seven years of love, tears, and emotion turned into music that
makes me feel like I’m coming home. I’m so grateful and excited to have
it done and ready to share with everyone. It’s an honor to have
partnered up with Station House and The Orchard to bring this album to
life. We’re ready to bring it. We’re ready to rock.” 

Pearl continues about the release, saying, “There’s
something incredibly cathartic for me in this record.  Writing and
performing my music has always been my therapy, my safe place.  In fact,
I never sleep better than I do following a show after I’ve been given
the privilege of singing my guts out.  I’ve come to realize that we are
all in ‘this’ together – this world, this place in time – and if these
songs give someone the feeling that they’re heard, understood, not
alone, I’m elated.” 

Leading up to the album’s release, Pearl has been touring, including some West Coast dates opening for Cody Jinks.
On May 12, Pearl and her band will perform at Conejo Valley Days
Festival (Thousand Oaks, CA) and on May 27 she’ll appear at Topanga Days
(Topanga, CA).   

For more information on Pearl Aday, please visit:  http://www.ThePearlBand.comand follow her onFacebook,Instagram,andTwitter 

Track Listing  

  1. Be Your Own Horses
  2. All I Got
  3. Living A Lie
  4. Who Am I
  5. Sleepless Night
  6. Levon Song
  7. Days Gone By
  8. Revel Young
  9. Nothing Like Romance
  10. Mama
  11. Let It Go   

About Station House Recordings:Station
House Recordings is the newly formed record label of longtime Strong
Management co-founders Vaughn Lewis and Kenny Gabor.  Based out of
Queens, New York, Station House provides an artist-friendly platform to
promote, market and release independent-minded music to all those who
will listen. (www.stationhouserecordings.com 

About The Orchard
The Orchard is an American music and entertainment company founded in
1997 by Scott Cohen and Richard Gottehrer. Wholly owned by Sony Music
Entertainment and based in New York City, it specializes in media
distribution, marketing, and sales and collaborates with independent
artists, labels, and others to provide content worldwide.  (www.theorchard.com)

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