Dynamic New Single, “If I Was A House,” Released by New York Country Artist, Ken Wilber

I first heard the demo for this song, it was a very simple acoustic
guitar and vocal arrangement.  I was completely blown away by the
imagery and knew immediately that I had to cut this song,” said Ken
Wilber. “When we finished recording the tracks at Ocean Way Studios in
Nashville and started playing it back, I was amazed at how big the
production had become.  Each instrument and voice really comes together
on this song to create something truly special that celebrates
everything that is great about the U.S.A.”

 “No other song in my professional songwriting career has ever excited
me as much, and frustrated me as much, at the same time! It took 10
years of writing, putting it away, coming back to it, to finish ‘If I
Was A House.’ When I finally wrote the last verse, shortly before going
in the studio, I felt I had something special, but what would Ken think
about it,” said Sonny LeMaire. “When he heard my simple work demo he
immediately said he had to record it! The arrangement was simple but
powerful and Ken’s passionate, heartfelt delivery proved that indeed it
was very special and that he had made ‘If I Was A House,’ his signature
song! I am extremely proud of the song and proud to have someone like
Ken be the voice of this tribute to an America we all love!”

“As a brand new Artist fresh to Nashville, this being his second release
Ken is quickly mastering his craft with strength, a wealth of talent
and 100% honest enthusiasm,” said Producer Tony Cotrill. “Award Winning
Songwriter/Producer Sonny Lemaire beyond the shadow of a doubt brought
the production vision to this one. Ken is a pleasure to work with, a
true Entertainer and “If I Was A House” will quickly put Ken Wilber on
the map!”

Ken’s music is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music and download on Google Play, Amazon Music and iTunes. Stay current with Ken Wilber on his website www.kenwilbercountry.com on social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

About Ken Wilber:

Ken Wilber was born in Oneonta, NY on October 29th,
1980. His earliest musical influences were Conway Twitty, Merle Haggard,
George Jones and Johnny Cash. His family remembers him at a young age
staring at the records as they played, trying to understand the music he
heard. Ken learned to sing by trying to emulate the people he heard on
the recordings and would keep at it, until he could copy every little
inflection of the vocal performance. In high school Ken discovered his
second love, theater. He made his theatrical debut at the age of 14 in a
high school production of “Fame.”  The band Fly By Nite was formed with
Ken as lead singer where they played locally every weekend at a local
watering hole called “Babcocks.” Fly by Nite played together for a
little over ten years, before dissolving in 2012. Ken Also sang with the
southern rock Group J.D. Mistress. Ken was brought in by guitar player
Rich Rogers. He played with them for about six months, where they played
several dates locally and had the opportunity to open for Molly Hatchet
and Blackfoot in Albany, NY. After Fly By Nite dissolved, Ken and Kerry
Fallot set out to begin writing and arranging music for Ken’s first
album “Rollin’ My Own,” and the album was completed in 2017.Ken had the
opportunity to play country music Legend Hank Williams in a local
theatrical production of “Hank Williams: Lost Highway.”  Tony Cottrill
mastered the first project and shortly after the mastering was
completed, Tony contacted Ken to come to Nashville to record a demo
session for Sonny LeMaire of Exile fame. As a result of the demo
sessions, Ken decided to record his second album in Nashville in October
of 2018. New music to be released soon, recorded in Nashville, TN at
Ocean Way studio and produced by Tony Cottrill and Sonny LeMaire.

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